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I recently got a Mangrove and a Morphagene and they’re a great pair.


love these! was Amber recorded in one take? also, is all sequencing happening in the grid/ansible?


This thread is crazy! Going to take me a while to catch up on. I’m new here but one thought (how it’s handled on reddits) is having a monthly BSP thread.

I’m doing weeklybeats this year so here’s my first month of JyamZ

Also been heavy into photogrammetry and have been uploading a 3d model with the weeklybeat as a sound track every week so far, over on sketchfab:

Thanks for your eyes, ears, and hearts ^^


Nice! How was this patched? Reminiscent of inside the deku tree sounds from ocarina of time:


thanks, yes all tracks recorded live in 1 take. Amber was sequenced using 2 tracks of Kria.


audio :

Just Type for pads, two voices from it trigger another Just Friend for complex envelopes, generating chirps from dual SISTERS. Finally pads and chirps meet at Gotharman’s PitchShaper, children whirrs were born.


Another short track I made with my Digitakt and Organelle. Melodic samples are from an Analog 4 run through a Clouds and a Phonogene. Organelle is running the new Zone wavetable synth patch.

Cheers! :grinning:


some soft piano + electronics tracks …


It’s the intellijel shapeshifter in Harmo3 waveform, with shape modulated by an LFO coming from O_c which moves the timbre up and down. It runs through clouds in low fidelity mode to get that subtle noise and a bit of reverb. The Meng Qi Voltage Memory selects the notes and also tweaks some parameters on the Shapeshifter. To give the sound a more “unstable” pitch I patched the a folded version of the output back into FM input to get some feedback going.


Made a little track mainly using a mbira sampled into morphagene with some clouds and belgrad for a video a friend of mine did. :

Slightly different version on soundcloud with some field recordings added :


Love the track and the video, absolutely fantastic!


this is great, + 20 characters.


Thanks a lot. Glad you like the video.


New ambient / noise from @Boob


Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity!!

For anybody not in the know, MATERIA MEDICA is a dope little label run by our own @sofftdrugs

All releases are posted for free, but if you’re kind enough to fork up some cash all proceeds get donated to Planned Parenthood



Hi all, I made this video for the track dilate recently:

The full album:



That was a really lovely piece… Made me feel mellow and cozy on this cold winter day.


just released this, hope you enjoy it