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A pretty intense patch I was messing around with last night. I’m borrowing a Studio Electronics Tonestar 8106 from a friend, that is the main voice in the beginning. Super cool module! Supposed to replicate something between a Juno and a Jupiter.


Perfect combo between Frahm and Sakamoto/Alva Noto!


Wow that sounded so soothing , what were the modules ?


Just made another one of these. Hope you like it.


thanks! the voices you hear are just friends, 2 mangroves and a cold mac, sequenced by teletype and white whale. i also had 3 sisters, cycles mode of ansible, scan and pan, and my delay pedal helping out in this patch.

if you’re interested in more details, after another user came across this on youtube and posted it another thread, i wrote a longer post there sharing some of my thought process:


Wow there is so much to dig into. One quick question, what is JUST TYPE, if you could describe in one sentence?



Really enjoy these minimal setup videos you’re doing! Nice : - )

I just got to borrow a casette recorder just like that myself! Somehow I can’t get it to really record on tape, though I get sound to run through it so I can record that output in my DAW. Any tips? Whenever I press record+play the sound runs through it, but when I rewind and try to play it back nothing’s on it…


Beautiful stuff!! Mbira is such a nice sounding little instrument. Very cool processing. Totally enjoyed your friends video aswell :slight_smile:


That sound even more confusing but thanks anyways


New field trip to the Mountain :mount_fuji:
can’t get enough of looping delay mode on Clouds…


Welcome to Mannequins.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Regarding your problem, there should be a button on the front, left to the level meters with which you can choose what is monitored. Either the incoming signal, or what is on the tape. I would guess that you didn’t push that button after recording and are still monitoring the incoming signal instead of the tape.


Ahhh, that makes sense! I’ll be sure to fiddle more with it soon. I love the saturation this thing makes, can get really fuzzy :zap:


Happy CNY!


A meditation for tape saturation

op1, rocknplay, bigsky, lofi junkie, mf104


This is great. Reminds me a bit of The Orb - Orbus Terrarum album starting around the 13 minute mark.


Thanks! I’ll have to check that one out :slight_smile:


The confusion is part of the fun, and it makes for better music.


Getting to know Mangrove and Three Sisters.