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My good friend Jon (aka Disc Image) and myself recently put out our first tape as Outer Heaven, entitled Dredger. I like to describe it as “Dead C w/ eurorack” - we’re both interested in free improvisation / electro-acoustic improvisation as we are in more “traditional” things based in drone, as well as just straight IDM and the sort, lol.

Moreau is my little tape label, more here ->


I decided to try something fairly straightforward in order to practice some mixing techniques… I would have liked to to have added a vocal element to this but I don’t sing and I decided to let it go and move on. Mostly Eurorack with field recordings fed into some of the CV inputs and a piano recorded to cassette tape.


Definitely make that a priority. Orbus Terrarum is a stone cold classic :slight_smile:


Nice. Looking forward to listening to this- good to see a fellow Richmonder on here!


Yet another ambient exploration of the Elektron Digitakt, recorded straight to cassette.


Today’s patch. Rings, 3 Sisters and ER-301.


The vocal sample here was something I happened upon via my op-1’s radio, whilst running it through my Cocoquantus… I listened to it permuate for an hour, sounding at times like an old blues singer, a Native American chant, a raga, and of course, like completely unintelligible sample mangle by turns… I actually don’t think the accompanying sounds are particularly complimentary, but was what I had cranking when it was captured. Still haven’t checked on the clean sample to see what it actually is yet, maybe I will tonight.


Another track that came together nice & quickly - some enveloped noise into Rings “in” with a Euclidian rhythm triggering it - Ornament & Crime’s “Sequins” app providing melodic content to this & an STO - lots of random envelopes from Pamela’s New Workout, some drone underneath from the Mother 32, with Digitakt providing some rhythmic content.


Seemed to have lost the topic where we post full releases, so dropping this one here:

Birches Sessions Vol. 3
A compilation of recent electronic works, rounded stylistically under the Birches moniker.
Produced mostly with modular, drum machines and tape. The release is accompanied by a booklet with a photographic selection.


Having some fun in Live while upgrading rack.
Full track coming soon. Does anyone else share snippets on ig?

Update: full track here


My new music video of a modular synth composition over images of Antarctica shot while at sea.


i reorganized my ~80hp of modules into a square instead of a long line, which has made for much more ergonomic patching, then i recorded 5 tracks at various BPMs from 10 [with long divisors]to 90 of the following:

  • braids in WTX4, VOWL, ZLPF, WMAP modes is primary sound source
  • some tracks feature occasional burbles from dixie ii
  • three sisters filtering
  • maths sending envelopes occasionally
  • pamela’s new workout clocking & modulating everything

best listened to quietly while doing something else:]


Just released some new music on Blight Records as Blacklodge w/ em.g on Clouds processed vocals and flute.

Tiny Mix Tapes - “Will You Be Reduced”



I’m very excited to listen to all the recent postings in here.

First: this is rings going into morphagene - going into three sisters - going back into rings and also into a computer. Plus noise and normal oscilattors and stuff.


Soundscape with Ansible -> Verbos HO -> 3 Sisters -> EOS Reverb with Just Friends modulating everyone.


Cinematic, dramatic one take psychedelic modular composition.

Patch I wrote for a performance tomorrow afternoon. Will stretch it out for 20 minutes, playing deep on the repetition and minimal aspects of this piece. Will perform along with projections of video I took while at sea in Antarctica.


New dark modular Techno EP released today. :robot: Cheers!!!

More Links here:


Aaaand another one. Have a wonderful weekend.


Wonderful track and some great shots! Are you a sailor as well as synthesist? :slight_smile:


Really good stuff! +20chars