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New thing recorded last night. Modular feedback loop, minimal movement.


First time jamming in the dark. Can be quite tricky :smiley:


“It’s Complicated’”. Created using the final “Coupling” example from @Dan_Derks’ Just Type Studies - - as a starting point.


Thanks so much! Haha more a filmmaker and musician than sailor. I shot that just over a year ago, I was a field producer working with Sea Shepherd, shooting documentary footage of their 11th Southern Ocean anti-whaling campaign. The footage in the video however is stuff that I shot for personal use. I lived at sea for three months down there in Antarctica. It was so incredibly beautiful. I plan to release another two videos like this one with more Antarctica footage :slight_smile:


Is that in Oregon? I think I went past there on the way to Eclipse last year.


My latest module is the wonderful Radio Music by @TomWhitwell - I made this track by recording a few different guitar lines to the BPM I was planning on sequencing at. After loading them into a folder on the SD card, I used Pamela’s New Workout to reset them (having turned looping off on the config), then a random voltage to change the station. This same random voltage was sent to the CV input to transpose a sequence I had made using Ornament & Crime’s Sequins app, which was being sent to an STO - all then mixed through a clocked delay on the Expert Sleepers Disting & then sent through Clouds for some more movement.

The result seems quite fitting given that there is some nice sunshine today. The picture is taken from the balcony of my flat (on a much greyer day) - it’s a floodlight above the cricket ground opposite where we live in Sussex.


Wow, that’s fantastic


Thanks Tom, glad you like it. This module is really ticking a lot of boxes for me I have to say. As well as the more musique concrète applications, with shorter sounds & looping disabled, I’ve been getting some great Prefuse 73 type cut-up sounds out of it this afternoon, synced up to some beats from my Digitakt.

2 of my very favourite modules in my rack (this & Ornament & Crime) are open-source / DIY & it’s thanks to the great work of people like you that my set-up is as fun & absorbing to make music with as it is, so I really appreciate what you do.


wowzer! :crazy_face: +++20chars


A new track:


My most recent. Please enjoy!


My patch from this morning. Probably best heard with headphones :slight_smile:

The melody is Just Friends in Sound/Sustain sequenced by Orca, an alt firmware for Monomes White Whale. There is a subtle feedback loop that builds as things move along, and some of the melody looped and reversed on the ER-301.


Arthur Baker-inspired


Took the case down to the coffee table for a sunday session. :bird:
Some patch notes in the vid:

(this is using the mechanism case and tri-ger @stripes @Puscha @Myles_Avery )


Excited to share this video of my peformance at Altared 1.

I had the honor of being part of the first in a series of immersive a/v shows put together by Cosmic Sound here in Pittsburgh. Altared is centered around ambient and electronic music accompanied by live visuals in a church setting. Char Stiles did live coding and Projectile Objects handled the projection mapping, both of which were especially interesting against the organ pipes in the church. Patch notes in the video description - lots of monome/Mannequins used.


Beautiful venue. Happy to see that this is going to be a series. I’m about 90 minutes south. Will try to make the next one in March. Greatly enjoyed your sounds, too.


New sounds. Sounds and video produced completely on an iPad. Thank you for you time and ears.


absolutely lovely. just friends as piano is gorgeous!


Thank you for listening! Also, I couldn’t agree more! Just Friends + 3 Sisters = piano heaven! :smiley:


Excited to share some lo-fi/ambient eurorack and guitar pedal tracks from a cassette I’m hoping to release in about a month

Just Type, Rings and the Meris Mercury7 shimmer reverb feature heavily on these!