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Last Friday I secretly released my first solo album. It has some synth-y stuff and some composer-y stuff, as well as some reworks of some stuff I did as junto exercises. I haven’t announced it anywhere yet, as I’m waiting for the release show to finalize, but this feels like a safe spot. D&D players will notice some themes in titles.


The way the second part mixes in at about 1:30 of this video is extremely beautiful!!


Nice track. Congrats! Really like when the triplets hit.


Thanks! 90% sure it is two tempi tracks running in the shift-register mode, switching between each other triggering the next note values across a few Teletype patterns.


yep! its Mt. Hood, sad to say I missed the eclipse here :frowning:


tape loops, modular synths, and dreamy reverbs. Rings and Clouds always my trusty sidekicks, been exploring the depths of Mangrove and Sisters. As a result!..

“cordillera” ~ a collection of landscapes


I recorded a live set for a local radio broadcast last November. The music was a mixture of eurorack and samples. The recording was kicking around after the broadcast, so I’m ‘releasing’ it as an A5 art card + download. There are nine such cards available, each with a different image. On the rear side I printed the waveform. Original idea, do not steal!!!

Anyway, some of the set is audible here:

And these are the cards:

Would you like one?

Moreover, my label TVEI is creaking into action once more and will be releasing a very special cassette by @philmaguire called Monosphere tomorrow. Can’t wait to share it.


Lovely! It was my first time visiting the States. Oregon and Washington were really lovely. A real shame you missed the eclipse, it feels like it provokes something very primordial from within. So eerily beautiful.


Really nice feel/sound. Impressive. Love the look of that 4 track too


Thank you! Not the most compact 4 tracks deck but I guess that’s not the point haha.


@octave New here. Really lovely texture in your sound. Subbed to your channel, keep it up!


Definitely something special about this one. Thank you for sharing


Thank you for listening! I am glad that you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


FM fun. Thanks for the ears.


Short little clip (in the process of developing into a full track) of Telharmonic + Erbeverb being controlled by Earthsea and Touche. Starting to love both devices more and more. :relieved:


Thanks! – I kept trying to work in something more beat oriented, but it just would not take. ha.


Great piece of music! Really enjoyed this :slight_smile:


Trying out ++delay by Tom Erbe, similar response to the echophone, but with filter in the resonance loop. Nice.


Nice, sounds good! Is that a m4l-patch?


Spent a little more time on post with this one exploring some of the ideas that appeal to me. The track is OP 1 into the modular with a looped backward sample of an OP 1 chord in the (new) phongene, then three sisters, cold mac, clouds etc.