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Heres a Teaser for my recently released ZINAL EP.

Listen the all 4 Tracks on Bandcamp:

Enjoy #mountainsthroughmusic



Have been enjoying all your tracks.

Some great stuff on this forum, forward thinking, creative.

Experimentation is risky business, glad to see it happening here.

Here’s a noodle I cooked recently, by way of introduction.

Tetrax Organ + LXR + guitar pedals.



A simple reson~ m4l instrument + a field recording. Both are processed through ++delay and flipper by Tom Erbe


First time using the Digitakt to sequence the mini modular system. I do like the combo.


A new month, a new live set up on bandcamp.


this is :fire: x 20 characters
edit: @analogue01, wait. this is 2015??? daaaaamn


Ha! It sure was 2015!! Performed on a sweltering hot summer night in the middle of the Canadian prairies no less.
Here’s a pic from that night:


absolutely wonderful. the section around 18 mins is especially lovely.

also, aleph years! i know it wasn’t forever love, but you did some great work with it.

thanks for sharing this.


yeah, part of me wants to buy back an aleph someday… still have all my bees patches saved somewhere. such a great and frustrating box :wink:


Another track with the Digitakt + Organelle.



Here’s the recording of the improvisation we did for an art exhibtion opening last sunday.
Be warned: It’s 1h 23 min long, and sometimes there are chords and melodies.

#1860 I (sclt) am featured on this charity compilation, which is mostly indie/folk. Weird, but it’s still tight. Consider downloading and supporting a good cause!




First ever modular video of a generative patch I’m working on for a recording to be released next month.


Super cool, good stuff! :cake:


what patch did you ran on the Organelle?


Nori Grains .:__:.





Found “composition”. I love it.


New music. Sound. Something.