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Loving this! Might be a dumb question, but what’s enabling you to pan different voices?


Thank you! The voices in the Digitakt can be panned within the machine. And I’m panning the modular voices with the little Xiwi Matrix Mixer you can see on the right side on top of the tape deck.


Guitar loop playing on Boss RC-1, processed with Morphagene, together with some Rings, Mangrove, Three Sisters, and Clouds.


Some new Digitakt ambient for your Sunday relaxation.


This is beautiful! Great work!


Not terribly recent, but it’s my latest work and I’m relatively new here on Lines, so I thought I’d share. There’s a neat story behind this film, which I shot for my friend and talented artist Brinleigh. @jasonw22 suggested I share it here.

Basically, Brinleigh came to me with the idea of making a conceptual short-story film for her latest musical idea, and brought a rough script and some sound sketches to me for treatment. The story was written where each scene is it’s own conceptual piece of music and it’s own self-contained short story, but when assembled together you end up with a larger story arc as well, matching the album’s own concept. I wrote up a shooting script and took the sketches as mood music for the shoot, then we packed up a bunch of beautiful friends and headed out to the stunning Fundy bay region of Nova Scotia to shoot. One mosquito-infested long weekend later, after hiking vast kgs of gear across muddy fields and through old-growth forests, we settled down with the footage to edit.

The interesting thing is that while we originally intended this as a music video of sorts, we ended up shooting one story scene per concept, which then turned into sort of a video album, but because the music wasn’t more than a rough sketch at shooting time, the album became heavily inspired by the footage and the process of shooting, thus becoming something of a soundtrack. This conceptual feedback loop continued a little bit throughout the editing process too, as we passed rough cuts back and forth, tweaked ideas, and generally lead both the music and the footage towards their conclusions in a spiralling, cyclic manner.

The album is now out, and due to time constraints we only finished the first three pieces worth of footage, but that just means that over time we’ll have more to share.


My last little wiggle until that Morphagene will take over my life. This is Mangrove playing some trombone or something like that. The other sound sources are from my Rings duo.


Made a video today with a track from rbeny.


I’ve spent what free time I’ve had over the past month rapidly iterating without bringing anything to completion, so today was a planned departure from the streak. This is a rough first print of a part-generative eurorack jam in Eb major with drums from Maschine added in post.


I’ve been spending some time with the new Mutable Instruments Plaits this afternoon & I’m absolutely smitten with this module already.

Here’s a little track I put together using the Filtered Noise mode. Delay provided by Disting & Clouds providing some modulation. Just a simple Euclidian trigger from Pamela’s New Workout & a melodic sequence from Ornament & Crime’s Sequins. I just set the above off & played around with a few of the controls as it was going. Seriously looking forward to some more studio time with this great oscillator.


Learning Kria, and playing with a pair of CEM3340 oscillators I put a design together for - after some unsatisfying FM and cross modulation, I used them separately, but think they came out nice. I really like how it responds to PWM.


A minimal dark drone I made some time ago.


guess what W/ do?
hq audio :


I really love this. I just listened to it 4 times on loop. Your performances have an incredibly beautiful fragility. Thankyou for posting.


Recorded this improvisation last night before I went to bed. I’ve been diving into the meta sequencing function with Ansible the last week and it is just so much fun. Most of the delays and reverb comes from Ableton, convolution reverb pro and echo (the new echo effect in Live 10). Also been using the Drum Buss to fatten up bassy tones and percussive elements. Main voice is a Tonestar 8106 from Studio Electronics through Clouds.


omg thank you for that beauty!!!



heres some new stuff i did in the last week


Two track album. Let’s Go is first track, Let’s Go Somewhere Else is second track, same as first but slowed down and tweaked.


I tried running the sound of stormy weather through my synth. This is intended more as background sounds than listening music. It gets less and less active over the course of the piece. Maybe good to fall asleep to.