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first experiments with pd programming on the organelle, used as midi looper to drive 0-coast.


Recording of my latest live set from last weekend at Dampfzentrale - Bern, Switzerland:



One of my latest. Pittsburgh Modular SV-1. Moog Model 15 and Nave on an iPad. Thanks for the ears.


asynchronous event looper programmed in pd for organelle.


This is brilliant! 20 characters


Another episode of Lunch Breaks.



A little re:mix + modular improvisation I did.


uploaded a new video yesterday waiting for w/

just type and mangrove + space echo inspired by a snowy first day of spring

> teletype : code exchange

Damn, that was nice. Is that Just Type doing the chord-ish stuff? That space echo is just gorgeous…


New sounds.



thanks for watching. i enjoyed your video as well; great sounds and use of space.

yep, chords are just friends via teletype. i made a simple scene based on chord mode in the new plaits module from mutable instruments (don’t own one but inferred based on reading the manual).

an lfo into the txi is determining the chord quality. the teletype param knob is manually adjusted by me to change how voices are allocated (ie doubling root + 3rd, full 4 note voicing etc). kria into teletype input changes root of the chord.


Ah, nice! Creative use of a manual I must say. Sounds really great! Totally enjoyed that.

I’m pretty much set on getting a Just Friends as my next module. Super intrigued by Teletype as well. Can’t just quite wrap my head around it…

And thank you!


post the scene! post the scene! 20 characters!


literally my first ansible patch.


Just finished writing a new firmware for a DIY module I made. It was snowing, which seemed fitting for a module called AudioFreeze, so thought I’d make a little video.


this is SO good, you make it look easy. thanks!


Maybe not the highest-quality recording, but I made this in a single live take this afternoon, for a friend whose death I witnessed in a car accident fifteen years ago. I’ve wanted to make something in his memory all of this time, but never had the knowledge or the confidence to do so until I started getting into recording and modular synthesis in the past couple of years. Somewhat generative patch using predominantly Make Noise modules and an SMR, with a handful of changes being foot-controlled by the outputs of my trusty Monome Walk, and a healthy dose of reverb from the effects engine of my mixer.


Dang, sounds awesome! Loving that music box thing through it. Cool setup too :slight_smile: