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^ here’s a remix for a project that never materialized, comprised of songs from Aging’s awesome album “Troubles? I Got A Bartender” ran through my euro system.

^ and as a change of pace, here’s a track I made 2 years ago for the Big Virginia Noise Compilation.


long time lurker/fan on here, but just wanted to share some first (finalized) forays into modular…lots of mangrove/sisters squelches towards the end & sputtering MI elements throughout!


A new track from last night after rearranging my small studio space.


My new album, its a collection of tracks recorded over 2 years. Me and the family left London and moved to Norfolk in July 2015 and this project started by a need to simply mark that occasion of moving from the city to country. It felt like these tracks started as a sort of audio diary and as I moved into 2016 they began to form in my head as a single album.

The tracks contain a fair bit of field recordings made in Norfolk and the tracks were often built up over a number of months. All sounds and noises by myself, except poems and trumpet - see sleeve notes- and made totally in my home studio, Patches Farm, Norfolk, between Summer 2015 and late 2017.
It is dedicated to my wonderful family, Susila, my partner, without whom… etc
Arlo, my son and our forthcoming bump (girl) due later in 2018…


I’m a big fan of track 3 :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! ha ha! Track 3 features the voice of @bobbcorr



wow. how are those jumps around the samples being triggered?


There’s so much talent on this forum.


the three earthsea shape memory cvs are being sent to morphagene’s slide and gene size, as well as one of the phonogenes’ organize. very powerful, tunable macro-control with those things, kind of like mutable warps.


very cool, thanks for the explanation! all things grid are kinda a mystery to me.


My latest piece using Ornament and Crime’s Harrington 1200 mode. Trigging Plaits, Rings, STO, Plonk going to Clouds and Mixup then Lofi Junky and Magneto.


My favorite backstage patch so far! Really enjoying these. This one reminds me of some Four Tet goodness!

Do you incorporate the modular in your SE sets?


i made this today.


Beautiful. Loving the series, really. :blue_heart:


this will be the single for a new tape coming out on plastic response records. the record is all based on augmentations of long since completed modular sessions.


just released this little one track album:

this one track album is a result of a generative modular synth patch I did for chronopolis. Chronopolis is a radio show for generative music on cashmereradio (


Written in a hospital waiting room on an iPad. Sounds are from the Moog model D app. Thanks for the ears.


no modular in the se live set currently, but that may change on the next cycle. finally getting to the point where I feel like I’m actually playing the instrument rather than wandering around it!


Exciting! Thought I maybe recognised the vocal sample from one of your tracks, but may be just something in the same realm. Would love to hear/see a combination of your modular and the Ableton/Mac setup - both very inspiring stuff! Looking forward to more backstage patches.