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the vocal is a voice memo Amelia recorded for me!


I just watched your Pitchfork set and think the vocal chops from «Dress» reminded me a bit of it - anyways super great stuff!


Just keep calm :herb:


Keep calm and type on?


Took the modular downstairs, and tried to work something out with Meadowphysics, a piano, and playing the whole shebang all at once. Not perfect. Not a bad start, though.


started this one by exploring an old patch of mine from the cold mac thread -


just starting to cut my teeth on teletype… here i’m using it to sequence percussion on rings, chords on plaits, and random melodic bits on mangrove.


sorry this one isn’t a modular track :blush: it’s a manipulated guitar sample through ppooll i did a while back, one take. hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile: :v: :black_heart:


I think that’s a wonderful start! Really nice piece!


A more lenghty all synth piece I did a couple of days ago.


really nice :slight_smile:


I like that, nice piece :slight_smile:

Something I did after my previous album, but before figuring out what I wanted to do with the next. Roland SH-01A, modular (Plaits, E370 and Double Helix), and Arturia Buchla Easel V.

I listened to recordings of mourning doves to try to match the phrasing and pitch of their calls :slight_smile:


Really nice progressions and some tasty textures! Parts of it reminds me of the synth works of OPN.


A new piece for piano + tape as a pay what you want download on bandcamp.


recorded last night, and posted this morning. first time using w/ in a composition and barely scratching the surface.


One of my projects, Bell Mountain, just released an EP, available digitally and on cassette:


Who said you can’t techno on Just Type


Hi everyone, I feel very excited to let you all know about my first release in three years — Eloquencer Sessions!

This is an all-improvised one-hour-long sonic affair raised on the borderlands of world music, techno, and tribal electronic. Modular dance music. Something you would expect from me sooner or later, given that most of my best works in the recent years had 45-minute duration… I would often record several hours of jams while preparing to a show, and this is where I feel comfortable. Still, what you can hear on a concert is a passing thing, and all my bootlegs & podcasts have never been available in Hi-Quality — I would often not master them, normalizing a couple dB in Audacity and calling it a day.

This album was recorded with 6U eurorack modular system (as shown in this post) and two drum machines: KORG volca beats & volca sample OKGO. Some of the primary modules include Sputnik Dual 258 VCO, Warps, Tides, Telharmonic, and — of course, — the mighty Eloquencer that’s transformed the way I control my system.

In case you are interested in finer details, you can read some patch details here and some prehistory / background in this earlier thread.

One other thing worth mention is this is available on “name your price” basis, so feel free to grab it in lossless. Let me know if you’d fancy some 24-bit WAV studio quality files, I can upload on G.Drive for the ultimate listening experience. :right_anger_bubble::boom:


Celebrating the long weekend with my first proper Digitone track.Recorded to cassette. Hope you enjoy it.


@boboter Between what I’m hearing from you and @rbeny, I’m going to break down and buy one of these. Wonderful sounds.