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Oh, thank you. Didn’t mean to cost you money :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure you won’t regret the investment.

Austin‘s track are very inspiring and I love them a lot. They got me all kinds of ideas what to do with the Digitone while I waited for my unit to arrive.


Kensho- Pitt. Modular sv-1, volca fm, iPulsaret. As always, thank you for the ears.


Heres my first couple of attempts at creating full tracks on my Eurorack system.

I’d really appreciate any feedback/comments from you guys; please let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve also put some patch notes in the Soundcloud comments (for my own reference in the future for when I no doubt forget).


I like the sounds you’re getting there, and the overall mood, especially on “Staithes”.

I need to remember to use Rings for sustained stuff more; I sort of fell out of the habit as my modular system grew.


Really nice sounds here. I particularly enjoyed “ Staithes”. Put me in a good place this morning. Thanks for that.


Thanks for the kind comments guys most appreciated!

Gives me motivation to keep patching and get some more tracks finished :slightly_smiling_face:


beautiful stuff! i love the progressions in both tracks.


latest live set is up on bandcamp

remember you can subscribe to the series (one a month for at least this year)


Super nice tracks, both of them! Very soothing. Are those your original paintings? Very nice!


Listening and memory. Aural time travel. Events that never happened or didn’t happen as you remember them or through repetition are heard for the first time.

*Patch Notes*

Before this minute and a half, there was about fifteen minutes of Mutable Instruments Plaits feeding small bursts of a ~20 note Teletype sequence into two Mannequins W/'s. Recording was linear and the two W/'s were set to asynchronous loops.

Then, the patch was reconfigured to feed the W/'s into the other, each through a dedicated Three Sisters. The filters were self-patched from Centre into FM, creating a warm fuzz. Each began overdubbing the other in small bursts.

By shifting tape speed throughout this process, 1x speed playback revealed pitch-shifted ghosts of events.

There’s about 20ms of reverb and L/R panning to differentiate the two loops, but no other post-processing.

Mannequins W/ (with)

Thanks Plym!

Unfortunately they are not my paintings (wish they were though :smile:).


First attempt at piano Phasing. One voice is triggered by M and the other by PEG with tap tempo. Of course the difference in time between the two voices is huge and the Phasing is very fast. Any chance it can be done differently? Maybe all inside teletype?


Ok, shit, this is cool. I’m trying as hard as I can not to be tempted by Teletype…


sick! i don’t have the TT [yet…] so I can’t say about doing it all internally, but Pam’s New Workout has a phase setting that would allow you to achieve this pretty easily [trigger one sequence with a 1x output with no phase, trigger the other sequence with a 1x output with 10% phase or something like that]!
edit: sorry if this is totally common knowledge and not helpful


Make Noise Tempi can also do this. You could also just trigger a teletype script and then do something like

EVERY 15: CV 1 N X; TR.P 1
EVERY 16: CV 2 N Y; TR.P 2

In order to create two sequences that slowly move in and out of phase. Higher numbers lead to slower phasing, but also require a higher tempo of trigger input.

I can’t quite think of another way of doing it within teletype, though. It would be super easy to do with the txo expander, where you can set individual metronomes for each clock output and specify their length in ms.

> teletype : code exchange

Careful: the phasing in this piece is created by a difference in the speed of the two tapes (BPM) and not by the phase of the trigger, wich would create a “fixed” phase while this one is pulsing.


Probably the most ‘wall of sound’ track I ever made.


Product of a rainy night…


Really nice work. Fits the weather over here right now (it’s been hammering it down for four days now… endless rain!).


Thank you. Springtime in the Appalachians. Snow, rain, thunder,and wind. Nothing would surprise me this time of year. Stay dry.