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Recorded at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA, on April 1, 2018.

Thanks to the staff of MASS MoCA for their above and beyond support, to Graham Tolbert for the extra camerawork, and to artist Spencer Finch for allowing us to film in his long-term installation, Cosmic Latte. Read more about Finch and the piece here:

Patch notes: three improvisations recorded on the upright piano backstage at MASS MoCA, played back and granulated via morphagene, bastl microgranny, and Olympus field recorder, all modulation by hand. Light panning from cold mac, light high pass from 3 sisters.


goodness. I love this. that moment around 2:00 when she looks over at you is so sweet.


Here are a couple of recent bits from the sketchbook:

Long loop made using Borderlands Granular, percussion and bells thru delay and reverb pedals, all built up in my Ditto X2, this is the clean version before I dumped it to tape. I ran it as a long loop/backing track in recent live sets, and I’ve grown to like it on its own. One of those very, very rare tracks of my own where I would let it roll in the background for long stretches of time, happy to listen to it over and over.

This one is a fleshing-out of a sketch I made in Borderlands Granular in 2017… still rough, will be happy to clean it up when the inspiration strikes. Pleased with the texture and rhythm.


So, so lovely. What a heavenly looking space to play in, too!


My latest patch work while I was waiting for my Just Friends to arrive. Had some fun experimenting with splitting the output of the Tonestar with a stackcable and patched it through Clouds through Morphagene through Synthorotek Echo through Morphahene and out. Tried to describe it in the video description :slight_smile:

Now that JF just arrived… talk to you guys later! So much fun!!!



Bass: Field recordings into Rings
Melodies: Mangrove and Braids
Pads: Mangrove
Effects: Clouds, Morphagene, Erica Synths Black Hole, Altiverb, Fab Filter Delay, Soundhack.
Sequencing: Winter Modular Eloquencer


Drumless polymetric ambient stuff.
Most sounds from Kaivo and a free VST called Phybes; field recordings; occasional burbling from an ABL-3. Multiple midi phrases of different lengths sent to both Kaivo and Phybes so nothing ever particularly sits still. No real bar lines, IMO.


Really like this. lovely arpeggios.

Enjoy the just friends (I love mine and I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of what I can do with it).


Thank you so much!

Yeah, same. Just had it for a couple of days. Haven’t even got to check out the Run functionalities!


That field recording stuff through Rings sounds so amazing! I need to experiment with that. Super nice track!


For those interested, this is a little sketch with Plaits and W/. Plaits is in Particle Noise mode with the frequency randomisation set CCW to zero and density very low. This has a simple sequenced. W/ is set up as a looping delay with a lot of feedback and the recording is being punched in and out with a gate sequence from Kria that is out of phase with the melodic sequence. I’m loving both of these modules. I have them in a 84hp case and I’m really thinking of completely downsizing to just this case

Mannequins W/ (with)

oh that is v lovely.


Yeah, that sounds heavenly, my gosh.


Thank you for the kind words


Cool concept. Ace execution. Tonally sterile.





I’ve been enjoying going through the older posts on this thread… it’s a goldmine… so many talented musicians here!

I made this drone type piece (no sequencing, everything triggered asynchronously) while playing around with Plaits in Chord mode utilising the main and aux outputs (slowly modulating the inversion control and applying noise to the fm input).

I was trying to evoke a quiet harbour late at night.


Here a short rythmic and badly tuned piece of music <3


Super happy to be able to share with you a track off my new album, released today on Audio Visuals Atmosphere! The album is titled “Deaf Love” and it’s been quite a process, starting out of mostly jams with Aleph, modular and OP1, then realigned tracked and contextualized. Really happy about it and hope you can enjoy it as much as I do! :smiley:

PS: Also out on a gorgeous ltd cassette tape! Shiping from Europe but if you’re based in North America and wanna grab one with “local” shipping hit me up, I’ll have some of them on the continent.