Launching the patch of the week club!

Hello all,

A few on MW, llllllll, and Reddit Modular have been talking and decided to launch a Patch of the Week Club! We are super excited about this, and decided to launch on discord for immediacy. The idea is that it is a community about MAKING MUSIC, and sharing process!

We are a community of musicians, artists, academics, hobbyists and technologists that are inspired by creative constraints and the desire for new artistic challenges and conversations.

Each week we will post a challenge — and you should feel free to interpret it as liberally or schematically as you wish. We will also open up suggestions from the community of patchers! Part of the fun is deciphering our own processes and creative approaches, as well as the work of others. Post your audio files and patch images to the channel. Discuss, and be open to inspiration.

Each weeks challenge will derive from three sources of inspiration.


Here is an example from Week #1.

Nature = Wood
Technology = Sine Wave
Culture = Jean Sibelius’s Symphony No. 8

One may create a patch that is wooden in tone, made of sine waves, and inspired by the cascading nature of Jean Sibelius’s Symphony No. 8.

One may be interested in the way wood grows in cascading rings, dissonance created by offsetting sine waves, and modern Finnish music (where Jean Sibelius was from and a genre of music influenced by the composer).

Simply put…. sky is the limit.

Please join us on Discord!

Invite link to our server…

If you don’t know about discord…


Disquiet Junto


Cool idea! Joined the discord. Is the idea that we’d post the tracks we make right in the #patch-of-the-week channel?

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Absolutely. Or whatever notes you may have :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

Is anyone following Podular Modcast? If not you should. It’s a eurorack podcast and at the end of every episode they give you 2 words to create a patch in 15 minutes.

What I was thinking is that I would love to do something similar (weekly or monthly) but more deeper and scientific, so everytime we choose a topic to learn our modulars better (something like the Junto, but for modular).

I would like everyone participating to come up with a topic and, most important, the patches will be available for everyone to download (so everyone could play with them if they want).

If anyone is interested please let me know.
Please also let me know if there is already something like this cause I would love to partecipate

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