Launchpad as standalone eurorack sequencer using Teensy 3.6

The always incredible musician and developer little-scale uploaded a new blog post about using the Novation Launchpad as standalone drum sequencer for eurorack, using Teensy 3.6 as USB midi host mediator. I’m amazed by how brilliant and neat this project is! And it looks very simple to put together. Code could be expanded to be used as a note sequencer, or whatever else you could think of.

Full description and link to code on github in the blog post.

Here’s a short video demo showing it in action:


I’ve recently ported MonomeHost to samd21 arch (for an upcoming new hardware sequencer, psst) and can imagine it’s also not hard to port to Teensy if anyone would want to do this with a monome grid instead of launchpad.


This would be a great way to revive my launch pad to trigger the teletype!

I am working on a teensy based grid that speaks serialosc / libmonome.

So I think you’re suggesting the other way round (Monome grid with a teensy host) - which seems pretty doable for basic serial communication, but gets gnarly for stuff like device rotation, etc.

Also - the project above is not too different from the teensy-based Dodeca/Dubldeca module (basically a midi to cv converter)

Nice. I did something kinda similar here…

The usb host on Teensy 3.6 looks good. Could be time for me to update my design.

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I wonder if the hardware in the little-scale post might be replaceable with this module:

Since the USB isn’t needed for power, could it be used to plug in a Launchpad?

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I was able to use the 1010 euroshield with a Teensy 3.6 as USB host with my modular. Some info here:


Nice, your Plexus project is really interesting, well done.
I was thinking a lot about a way to use my Launchpad with my modular synth.
Is there a schematic of what’s in the pedal box?

Thanks. I have not played with it for ages. I’ll see what I can dig up.

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