LCHHP? Lines Community Hip Hop Project

To avoid derailing the LCRP thread I have started a new one for a potential hip-hop collab project and general sharing of ideas/techniques.

A mix-tape would be really cool. If anyone would be up for it after the latest LCRP is be happy to coordinate.


I’d definitely be down to get involved

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very down for some beat stuff! Sign me up ~

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Could be fun! I haven’t been doing anything hip hop related in years… must be 20 years now.


I’m down. I have a bunch of local MC friends I could try and get involved too…


very much game for this

edit: might be interesting to have a shared sample pool or something and see how people flip it? Or not, idk :slight_smile:


Sounds like fun! – I’ll have to read up on the LCRP :thinking:

Precisely my thoughts!! :grinning:

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depends on the prompt but on the surface

of course

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Count me in if instrumental is ok. No one wants German rap (or reggae).


Definitely interested!

I’m down. Never done this kind of thing but sounds fun!

Bumping this. Normally I like to at least attempt to record something for the RPM challenge would anyone like to contribute a track to a Lines hip-hop “mixtape”?

The idea is 10 tracks (or 35 minutes) written and recorded during the month of February.

If we exceed the 10 tracks/35mins there’s no reason we can’t release on band camp :slight_smile: the more the merrier.


Yeah, might could either clean up an older track or start fresh on one. Instrumental, for now.

Love to join… curious to know who is contemplating vocals!

20 characters of I’m up!

yes please count me at the party

Sounds great, will keep an eye out for details!

Haha, I’m strictly instrumental by order of anyone who’s heard me!


-,.-=^=->>>>>> iN!