LCHP#1: The beginning

Lines Community HipHop Project #1

Edging the poll in the interest thread was having creative freedom for this project.

If you wish to contribute to this please DM a link to a wav of your song. In keeping with the spirit of the RPM challenge the deadline is the 29th February!

As with the LCRPs please document your process and share in the thread below. (I am really curious as to how people use their modular to make hiphop!)


Can I play if I don’t have one?

Of course! I don’t use modular either. I’ll be using the task to start learning to use sample chopping on my force.


i guess it’s my fault for missing the poll (thought i was watching the thread :unamused:)…w/o a shared theme or shared samples it seems like the community aspect is kinda missing

but we’ll see how things go

i’m still super excited cause this gives a chance to represent our diverse range of styles/interests with no restriction

thanks for takin the lead @steveoath


My thoughts on that are similar. I do, however, have a something that approaches a plan.

I think if would be really cool if each track was remixed/reworked in a future LCHP if everyone is cool with that. Could even open up collaboration if folk are willing to share stems.


I think that this being Lines (with certain niches of musical approaches) and the concept of it being HipHop -that this is enough of a conceptual framework. If i were to want to add anything it would be some raw electronics. I have started sampling my olegtron for beats and bass. Chat about process and an idea of future remixes a good idea too. id be happy to contribute to an optional sample bank if people wanted one.


with that in mind i’ll try to minimize the destructive edits i usually lean toward :slightly_smiling_face:


First track has been submitted!!! Gold :star2: has been duly issued haha.

How’s everyone getting on? I’m about halfway through.

I got about 3/4 of something I like — put together in headphones. When i played it through a low end speaker it sounded pretty ugly.

Normally i don’t have too much trouble with that, but its especially bad this time… i think i have to try and fix it, or scrap it. :space_invader:

Im finding that long takes are out and its all going to be samples laid out on the grid…not my usual way of working at all.