LCRP 2.0 Sounds of Summer online now

I know a few of you are eager to hear this, so enjoy. There may be a few more additions to the track listing if some more songs get sent my way.

does anyone know how I can add this to the LCRP/MCRP bandcamp page? please PM me

edit: MODS sorry for the 2nd topic. I couldn’t work out how to edit the initial post on the other thread.

Edit 2: Hypnosapien’s track has been updated. Please download “replacement peaches” in place of the older version.



(also this is a totally legit reason for a new thread!)


To all the other participants, great job! I’m really enjoying listening to all of your tracks.

@steveoath, thanks so much for coordinating all of this! I know it’s a lot of work…

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mad skills on display
thanks for letting me play
this was fun :slight_smile:

tech talk:
I played the bongo loops you all got
mlrv’d one, and the Dutch cafe organ
and cool bird sounds with effect

The tracks are really good. I’d be interested to hear everyone’s process for this…

Think it’s obvious that mine is based around the guitar sample from @jhindsight. Chopped it up into a drum rack and started finding nice sounding sections that worked sliced. The added some big reverb.

I also used @ioflow’s piano with lots of reverb and Froze the reverb to get s choir like drone.

The drums are a mix of most of the samples chopped into drum rack, heavily processed (down sampled, beat repeat, etc). From there I made loops, Chopped and processed the results the finger drummed the drum track.

Bass is a sample patch made from one of @myecholalia’s samples.

Reverb (7% wet) on the master.


mine mostly built around 3 samples - one of yours, @myecholalia’s “cuba” and one of @Vagg_Rdu’s. i posted about the process here:

funny enough for both lcrp 1 and 2 i assumed all samples had to be used so did that. it can be hard to fit everything together so i only used tiny bits from some of the samples, mostly as drum hits - i realize this suits the type of music i do better and wouldn’t work for every composition. but it’s an interesting constraint(?) regardless.


love what you wrote about the process.
i like this idea of sharing that after lcrp is done.
and thanks for reminding me about ello.

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wanted to ask, do you know what is the man in your sample actually saying?

No idea. I was with my family in Holland and decided to capture some sounds of people chattering at the café/pub we were at. Hopefully it’s in good taste.

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if that question actually was to me, i also have no idea :wink:

yeah, my question was for @myecholalia (i did use the cafe sample towards the end but a non spoken bit). it’s interesting using samples for what they are sonically, but also interesting to know what they actually mean.

an idea for one of the future LCRPs: a joint project with Disquiet Junto.

first we do a regular LCRP, but with everybody agreeing for submitted samples (and possibly finished tracks) to be released under CC allowing attributed remixing. then we do a Junto where participants are asked to make tracks using the same samples (but with the traditional Junto constraint of only having 4 days to complete). another option could be remixing finished LCRP tracks.

@disquiet - what do you think?


This could be cool. I like the idea.


Later than a late person who is late. sorry. in gdrive now. Excellent work all. cracking chopping @steveoath, didn’t recognise my guitar :slight_smile:

Could you send me a link to your track and I’ll get it uploaded, cheers. :slight_smile:

@jhindsight - sorry, been real hectic. That’s your track up. It’d be great if everyone could grab their copy to add to the mix. How would you like credited? I can alter if jhindsight is not what you would like.

No that’s fine mate. What did you mean by


@jhindsight just to let people know that this extra track is up, and to download it so they have the full collection! My brain is fried (just started my Masters whilst still working!!), so I may not be making much sense. Sorry.

cool track :slight_smile:

Sorry was just being dense @steveoath

Cheers @abalone :slight_smile: