LCRP 2017 1.0 "New Noise" OUT NOW!

NEW NOISE is released!

Update 20170322:
OK, we’ve made it ahead of time and NEW NOISE is released on Bandcamp! I’m super excited to get this one out to everybody.

A couple of thanks are in order:

  • @Simeon for the beautiful mastering work
  • @jasonw22 for being a graphic design lifesaver
  • @Angrycrow for letting me reuse his beautiful LCRP poem

Get your new noise here:

Update 20170201:

  • Sample submission deadline has now passed.
  • All participants received the download link to all samples.

Continuing the discussion from Any interest in an LCRP in the new year?:

Alright, here we are for the first LCRP in 2017. Thanks to @steveoath for starting that discussion and yesterday’s reminder.

I very much like the suggestion to give this one the theme “New Noise.” Been listening to far too much Coil and Nurse With Wound recently to not want to try and nudge this LCRP into a slightly experimental and noisy direction. But I also don’t want to make this a hard and fast rule, so anything goes, really.

The Rules
If you’re taking part in this LCRP, please submit two samples, one being vaguely rhythmic/percussive and one vaguely melodic/tonal. Submit as either WAV or AIFF with a decent enough sample-/bit-rate. Ideally, upload to Dropbox, Wetransfer or similar and send the link to me at

At the end of the sample submission deadline, I will provide all samples to the participants and you can then only use these samples to create your track. Cut, pitch and mangle samples as needed, but no other sound sources are allowed.

Proposed Deadlines:

  • January 31st for sample submission
  • February 28 for the final tracks

Label Release?
I’m open for other opinions, however wouldn’t an LCRP be a good candidate for the envisioned net label ( netlabel)? But maybe it’d be better to have an individual artist go first for release number 1, basically setting the stage for what’s to follow. Paging @jasonw22 and everybody else for opinions.

For one of the earlier LCRPs we were trying a crowd-funded vinyl release via Qrates, which didn’t work out in the end. Nevertheless, I still like the idea of a physical release for LCRP and maybe also future net label releases. CD release via something like Kunaki ( seems the easiest and most likely to be successful as even individual copies of CDs can be ordered. Again, open for other ideas and opinions.

That’s it for now. Hit me with questions or suggestions. Looking forward to hearing what everybody does!


Nice. I’d love to submit something.

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I’m in (for real this time)
Really like the idea of making it noisey

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We’ve talked about the netlabel for LCRP before. I think it’s a fine idea, but others seemed to demur.

I’ll go with the group will.

BTW, turned out that the holidays were not a productive coding time for me! (Go figure, turns out that when family is around, I’m inclined to be sociable).

So I’m gonna have to bear down and get some stuff done in the margins of my week.

And what the heck, I should participate in this LCRP as well. Noobie question: how long is a good length for samples?


Anything goes, really. I’ve seen individual one-shot samples, looped bars, as well as several minutes of field recording. Don’t limit yourself. If you think it sounds good and fits the theme, submit it. Bandwidth is cheap.


Sure, I’ll give it a go.

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so cool, samples on the way :slight_smile:

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wow, that was fast. thanks!

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sounds interesting. keen to be a part of this.

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I’m in. Will try and complete this one.

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I’m totally in.
Will hopefully send the samples later today.

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Looking forward to this one. If there’s one thing I enjoy in life it’s making utterly horrible noises with my guitar. HAIL SATAN


will give it a try if i have samples satisfying enough to submit.

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Awesome. I’ll get my noise box built today and see what comes out.


Also, where are we hosting the finished tracks? The last lcrp is sitting on my bandcamp page, but would like to get it with the others.

Good question. I guess that’ll depend on the outcome of my question regarding the net label above. We have a bit of time to go, but it’d be good to hear opinions about that, which will then drive the decision about hosting etc.

Also, if there is anybody here who might want to help me with mastering the final tracks after everything is done, that’d be great. I can certainly attempt a makeshift leveling and mastering job, but if there’s someone with experience and a bit of time at the end of Feb / early March I’m all ears.

Thanks @myecholalia for stepping up to the plate on this one! Having organised an mcrp and an lcrp, I can say it’s more work than I had imagined, so thank you for taking it on.

Also great to see some of the members of this community that make my favourite music taking part: @steveoath, @ioflow @mobbs, given how amazing your previous contributions have been you’ve got a lot to live up to :smiley:

Regarding label / physical release:

I’d love for this to go out on the new lines net label. There have been 20 mcrp/lcrp releases since the monome community first started doing this in 2009 - if this isn’t part of what the lines community is, I’m not sure what is.

I’ve attempted physical releases both times I’ve organised these compilations - Cassettes were a lot of work, but really paid off, despite a high failure rate of my old duplicator (now departed, rip), every participant got two cassettes, and those that asked for more got more. Vinyl was just disappointing. I kind of felt like if everyone that finished a track had bought 10 copies to then sell at shows or whatever, it would have been successful. But I don’t like make assumptions about other people’s finances / fan-bases / etc. And to be honest, the Qrates platform wasn’t great as an uploader. No, hang on. It was terrible as an uploader. It’s also a platform not many people have used. It’s easy for me to drop cash on a Kickstarter because I just sign in, and it’s done. I’ve never backed another project on Qrates, so it takes a bit of work.

Just realised that was super-rambling, and disjointed.

Sorry. tldr: Cassettes good / qrates didn’t work for me.


I have a nice Universal Audio Apollo 8 suite and would be happy to do the mastering. I have some experience mastering professionally for other acts. If anyone else has nicer outboard gear or more experience I’m happy to stand down and let them at it.


@steveoath I have access to the site, if you’d like to upload it there?

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Cool, do you want to msg me the details and I’ll pop it up tonight?

Also, the cassette was great! I loved that mcrp. It’s possibly one of my favourite releases I’ve been part of. The cassette cover was great, was that your photos?