LCRP 2017 1.0 "New Noise" OUT NOW!


@myecholalia we clearly need a TARDIS. Think of all the music we’d write…


@jasonw22 that is the truest thing i’ll read this week.


Thorsten, Simeon, Jason, Ben … thanks for putting time and effort in this amazing project!
And everybody… this is great music and it all fits together! I am glad to be a part of it.
(Ready for the next lcrp)


I finally had some time alone and have listened to most of it, and I’m really impressed, it’s so diverse and cohesive at the same time and most tracks tickle my brain, which is something that most of the music out there does not.

@myecholalia @Simeon thanks for all the work you put into this. It shows. And it’s fantastic.

(And thanks all again for the kind words about my track.)


Out of curiosity, how do you name your tracks? I find it difficult to name intrumental tunes and usually reflect something that happened as I recorded. In this case I looked at myself in a mirror whilst wearing an Atari t-shirt hence my track being called “irata”.


I usually take my titles from whatever I’m reading. I write down quotes I find interesting, and then pick one that fits. “it’s not a technological problem we have, it’s a human one” was from an interview with Charlie Brooker about Black Mirror. My lastest chiptune release, “Techniques Against Technology” ( had a lot of titles taken from To Our Friends by The Invisible Committee (


I thought about the process of pulling apart the samples, and putting them back together made me think of splicing rope. I was also feeling a little frayed at the time.


I do similarly to @Simeon. I tend to use quotes or phrases from things I’m reading… or random little phrases that pop into my head… it’s a little like micro-poems. I also write lyrics for my band (, so often my electronic song titles are lines from abandoned lyrics.


I also put my track up on Soundcloud for archiving and sharing. I tagged it with #lcrp, so if anyone else does the same we could make a playlist.

I also put the Bandcamp link in the “buy” field…


My title originates with working on Junto 267, very loosely inspired by Negativland


Here it is. Looking and sounding great. I’ll trigger shipping of the CD orders today or tomorrow.


Can’t wait! It’s been years since I’ve had an actual CD with my music on it. So retro!!


I don’t have any means of playing physical media anymore, so I bought only three copies. :smiley:


Cd arrived yesterday in Belgium! Don’t know how it looks/sounds cos I am still in Indonesia.


CD arrived in Scotland. Thanks @myecholalia.


Excellent. Enjoy for at least 20 characters.


so cool :slightly_smiling_face:
thanks again @myecholalia for organizing
and thanks @Simeon for mastering, sounds great!

plz y’all, feel invited to kick in at the Kaffeeklatsch
it can just be a place to hear how your current system sounds, and we wanna hear too- maybe share some ideas, no big deal


Greetings. New to the group…like an hour…and new to this format. I’m here to learn and would enjoy hearing or obtaining a copy of “New Noise.” Are you able to offer some guidance. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Hi @Timmer, welcome to the forum. Check the very first post of this thread. It has the Bandcamp link where you can download the digital release for free or order the CD.


Many thanks for your help.