LCRP 2017 2.0 “Synaesthesia”

Please send the following:

  • rhythmic sample
  • melodic sample
  • vocal sample
  • image (can be a photo, a waveform, an audioprint, whatever)

in the form of a link to your samples, in a private message to @jasonw22 or to jasonw22 at gmail. Deadline is Monday, July 17th, 2017.

How it works:

  1. Before the deadline, anybody that wishes to participate sends their samples (and an image this time) to the curator.
  2. On the deadline the curator makes all of the collected samples available to every participant
  3. A new deadline is set for finished tracks
  4. Participants create a track using only the provided samples as sound sources. There is no obligation to use every sample. Samples can be processed in any way.
  5. At the deadline, all finished tracks are collected by the curator and handed off for mastering.
  6. After mastering the Kunaki and Bandcamp stuff gets set up and the release happens.

For an alternative explanation here is a poem contributed by @angrycrow for the previous LCRP:

for those of you that are new to this,
where we all submonome else’s samples to
create a track. stick all of the tracks to you
an album where we all submit a couple of samples, then
samples to create a track. stick together and you get an album.
those of you that are this group, it’s where
we all submit a couple of samples, then everyone
uses everyone else’s samples to create a track.
stick all over and you get those of you that are new
to this group, it’s where we all
submit a couple of samples,
then everyone uses everyone else to create a track.
stick all of an album.
those of you that are a track stick the track.
all of the tracks together.


I’m planning to use the images in the album art. Probably some sort of collage. Should be fun!


Yes! I can’t wait.

Do the vocal sounds need to be human?


I don’t suppose they need to be human, no, although that was the original intent.

Just got the first contribution from @cannc! That was fast!

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Here we go! Excellent extension to even more source material. Can’t wait.


Recorded mine, will upload this evening. Hopefully my “vocal” sample is permissible!

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Cool! starting to sample!
I suppose the curator is you, correct?

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So there’s no “theme” (that’s not a complaint by the way)

Yes, I’m curating this time.

Synaesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.


nice work…great to have another deadline.:anguished:
recipe looks good to me.

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Just received @steveoath’s contribution!

Woohoo! Samples from @abalone have arrived.

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Hi all, could you (if its not too much hassle) keep notes on how you went about creating your samples and images? It might be nice if we could share our methods on this - after the deadline for sample inclusion of course!

Perhaps we could do the same (a la junto) for the finished songs? Once all tracks are in of course :slight_smile:


Yes! This sounds like start of another episode of Sound + Process :wink:

I’m into this. Will produce again.


I’m hoping to participate :slight_smile:
I have a question regarding the samples - what sort of length do people normally submit? Is it usually one shot/looped type stuff or something longer that people can pick bits from?

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We’ll get some of both and everything in between.

Some inspiration:

I figured that may be the case - doesn’t make my decision any easier!
I’ve got two melodic samples and am having trouble deciding which one to submit. Will decide over the weekend.

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