LCRP 2017 2.0 “Synaesthesia”


This morning I woke up asking myself when the deadline for sending in the samples was. I thought: hey it might be next week, I’d better put something together. I am late by a whole month. So sorry :frowning:


Or very early for the next lcrp :wink:


Hows everyone doing? I have been looking blankly at my Ableton window for ages, but inspiration struck this afternoon and I think I’m nearly finished!


I recorded a demo over the weekend, but not totally happy with it. I’m continuing to tweak and will probably record another take in the next couple days.

I’m trying to do mine 100% with the ER-301 and modular sequencing. :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing around with a few things but nothing is sticking particularly yet.
Think I’ve made a decision on whether I would go for sample mangling or keeping them recognisable though which had been causing a bit of brain ache!


I have this big messy multi-track drone thing going. So, that’s at least one part of a song. Need to introduce some rhythm and change.


Sounds like we’re writing the same song!!


I’ve received @steveoath’s track. That makes 3 so far! I’ve got a solid start on the album cover. Although it feels “done” at the moment, I’ll come back to it later with fresh eyes.

Still in a bit of a muddle with my track…


I was almost thinking I would never make it… after trying several things and getting depressed by them I now finally have something that feels like it’s going somewhere… still needs a lot of tweaking and polish, but it looks like I will have something for the deadline.


Isn’t that just the standard creative process at work? :wink:


Yes, so true, plus a smiley to add some characters


woohoo! @emenel’s track makes 4…



Mine is a pretty rambling ambient piece this time around. Made entirely with the ER-301, effects, and some sequencing and modulation. It was a great way to dig into the sample/granular modular in the 301.


I’m super curious to hear about your patch if you feel like sharing. So far I’ve been working in Ableton, but I really should give the ER-301 a shot for this track, since it’s kind of the intended purpose of ER-301 anyway.


Happy to share. It’s actually a relatively simple setup with the ER-301.

I chose the samples I wanted to use and loaded them onto a MicroSD card.

On the ER-301 I created a mixer for each sample, and inside each mixer I used either a Sample Player or Manual Grains module, depending on what I wanted to do to that specific sample. I also added fixed delays to some of them, and I think a filter on one, and EQ on another. All of this is inside the Mixer for that sample. All the mixers and samples are in a single unit on the ER-301.

On each Sample Player and Manual Grains instance I assigned CV inputs to slice, grain size, position, trigger, and speed. Those inputs are being triggered and modulated by Ansible Kria, one output of TXo as a noise LFO, NLC 8 Bit Cipher, Modcan Quad LFO, and the SSF URA.

The output from the ER-301 goes into a 4ms DLD, using both channels to create some stereo separation from the mono track.

Out from the DLD into my mixer. An Erbe-Verb is on a mixer send, so I send some of the main stereo track to that and modulate the size, pre-delay, decay, and depth with more outputs from the Modcan and URA.

Also on a send from the mixer is the Cocolase, adding little bits of static and noise bursts along the way.

Once that was all setup I muted all the Mixers in the ER-301, and performed the piece by unmiting tracks, riding the levels, and manipulating the sends, DLD, and Cocolase.

And, not that it’s terrible helpful, here are a few hastily taken photos. :slight_smile:


Superb! Thanks so much!


The 301 can eat up modulation sources like nothing else. I used every input in the CV matrix thing for this one patch :slight_smile:


Bumping for reminder


Rules question: is impulse-response reverb with non-sample-pack IR samples ok in the context of the constraints?


(IMHO disclaimer) Probably a matter for your conscience. The line between morphing sounds and adding sounds is a fuzzy one. Either way good luck with your track. I am on my 6th mix still tweeking - and shortening my track. Still debating the title. 5 days to go…