LCRP Christmas interest?

Any interest in doing another Christmas LCRP to follow the previous 2 MCRPs?.

Edit: ooo fancy players.

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totally would be interested, although it’d have to get off the ground really quickly if I were to participate.
basically traveling almost all of december and I assume you want to get this finished by end of the year, given the title?

Ace, although I’m not sensing much enthusiasm :sob:

it’s been awhile since we did the last mcxa. i’d like to contribute some gentle ambience to a lines Christmas project.

How do community projects of this nature usually go? What are the guidelines and due date? Any specific requirements a guy considering participation should know?

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The Christmas ones have had mixed “rules”. I think one year we did cover versions, and the other was mashups. I’m open to whatever people would like to do. As long as we can get everything together in time then I’m sure it will sound great! :grinning: