LCRP September 2017 "Synaesthesia" is out now!

CDs available at the link:

Special thanks to @Simeon for mastering!


Can’t wait to get home to listen to it!
Thanks for all the organising @jasonw22


Bought my physical copy =)

Very excited to listen to this tonight on headphones. Thanks again for organizing this!

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Me too! Thanks @jasonw22 & @Simeon!

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Bought my copy. Tonight’s listening is sorted. Thanks for organising @jasonw22. And thanks @Simeon for mastering.

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Really enjoying all the pieces on this! I love hearing what everyone did with the same pool of samples.

Where is the money going from purchases? It might have been in another thread, but I can’t find it now.

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The money goes to Kunaki for the CD manufacturing and shipping.

I don’t actually anticipate any donations above and beyond that, but if some did come in, I personally feel @Simeon deserves some compensation for always being reliably there for us come mastering time.


First of all huge thanks @jasonw22 for making this happen!!! And thanks to everybody who participated for the inspiring samples!

I’ll now listen to the tracks, very excited to hear those!

I’d gladly virtually buy Simeon a drink or two… or three, through whatever means possible… unfortunately I’ve already bought the CDs, what other options do I have?


Hey everyone!

Firstly, great work on this everyone. So many great sounds and ideas in here.

If anyone wanted to buy me a virtual drink, I’d much rather they donated to a charity they believed in - if there’s not one you can think of, please consider Bloom, a project helping Asylum Seekers in my hometown of Swansea.

Don’t want to put a massive downer on things, but a few days ago a guy I’d worked with in the charity, who was an asylum seeker, decided to end his own life. Eyob will be missed, but the work of Bloom can carry on helping people in need across the city.

EDIT: a link might help!

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I’m so sorry for your loss.


Jason, Simeon and everybody… nice work! This is a very enjoyable project.


This has a really coherent feel to it. I’ve really enjoyed listening to it.


yeahhhhh i’m really digging how this whole thing came out… really nice tracks, everyone, and really nice track sequencing :slight_smile:

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I can only approve of this, but still it’s very generous and kind of you.

Very sorry to hear that.

fantastic work! really enjoying this.

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I was wondering if the sample sets are also made available somewhere? Would love to mess around with them as well :slight_smile:

Typically they are distributed to those who made contributions of their own samples.

But the Terence McKenna quotes came from and are CC licensed. Maybe others will share here if they feel so inclined.

Would it be an option to ask the people who supply the samples if they are OK with making the samples available as public domain (CC) once the album is done?

I think I’d prefer to leave that up to each individual artist. It wasn’t the agreement up front and it hasn’t been the pattern in past MCRP/LCRP projects.

I like this idea, sharing lrcp sample packs after the fact

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