LCRP: Summer 2017?

Anyone interested? I’m jammed with work til end of June, but free to play after that?

Any ideas for “theme”?

I don’t mind curating this one, unless anyone else would like to :slight_smile:


I really loved participating in the NEW NOISE LCRP, so I’m totally up for it!


I’d definitely be up for that!
If you’d like me to help curate, let me know.

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In. Always in. So In.


Sure, I’m in… 20 chars

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I’m absolutely in for this over the summer.

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I’d like another shot at this, yes

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I should be able to participate this time!

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I would love to contribute as well. Missed the last one but I will have plenty of time this summer.

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Great idea. personally id vote for pushing it in slightly different direction each time. For example there was a lack of human voice in the last one - so it might be interesting to encourage spoken / sung clips or have voice as a theme. or field recordings…or acoustic sounds. Just a gentle push /thematic idea- still keeping the choices as wide as possible.


Sign me up; last one was a blast!


How does this sound…

I have been messing about turning images into sound like this

It yeilds some interesting results (mostly as useful percussive elements).

I propose we each submit a melody and a picture that represents summer to you. I don’t mind converting the images into audio to redistribute with the melodies.

If that sounds rubbish let me know :slight_smile:



I’m in for this.[quote=“steveoath, post:13, topic:7796”]
converting the images into audio

Did you tried to convert some pictures and do you have some examples? I tried importing couple of different pictures to Audacity as raw data just now, and what I get is mostly white noise with occasional click or glitch. While I’m all in for noise and glitch sounds, I think that some more variability in samples is required.

Edit: But I’m in in any case!

Really nice example of a similar concept:

I’m in! I’ll try to complete a track this time, but I’d also love to help with the album art again.


That was my main fear, I’m trying to dig up an old copy of a programme called Coagula which generated more synthy sounds.

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Definitely in…would be my first participation. I found this place through the Disquiet Junto, I love these kinds of projects.

The thing I found interesting about the Resonantia project is that they used images of sound to create sounds. So, it’s not about just using arbitrary images as sound. It’s more like the way Metasynth works.

That being said, there’s no reason you couldn’t embed more pictorial images into the sounds, if you were a bit artful about it.

I like the idea of using imagery as either sound source or inspiration, but I hope folks feel free to make the results musical in any way they see fit.

And I’d love more vocal samples. I’m a fan of tonality in general, and there are few things more sonorous than the human voice.

This looks interesting. But happy whatever people would like to suggest. I like the vocal request too.

Cool, that’s it. Not sure it ever got updated to allow image importing. I’ll have a look for my own interests though. Cheers.