LCRP - volunteers to help run/wrangle a new one?

I’ve got a concept I think is worth exploring for another Lines Community Remix Project, aiming to announce asap and get the results ready for the next equinox in March.

Please let me know if you’re keen to get involved in any part of the wrangling. Comment here and/or DM me.

From chats with @jasonw22 the work includes

  • nailing the concept,
  • all the coordination of the thing (where do files go? who’s mastering them? who uploads the final thing? who answers questions?), and
  • artwork.

I’m definitely happy to take part in any of those chunks of work, but don’t want to do all of it.
Let’s just get some interested folks in a private thread and go from there!

And although I say I’ve got an idea, I’m also happy to hear other people’s concepts.

Here’s an unrelated pic, because internet.


I’m down to help! Have really enjoyed doing LCRP. Happy to do the artwork and discussing the concept :slight_smile:


I’d also be in with discussing the concept!


I’ve really enjoyed partaking in the LCRP projects too. I have about 3gb of empty storage in dropbox - if that’s enough space for the team, I’m more than happy for people to upload files there.

Also, mastering is such a huge job. Would it make things easier if each person was responsible for the final mix of their own tracks? On the one hand, we wouldn’t get the beautifully polished and balanced album we got last time (thank you again @jlmitch5). However, there might be something gained from having a rougher or more diverse sounding album - depending on the theme or concept, that could even become part of the group’s overall approach.

I’m just thinking out loud. I’m not very good at mastering myself, so I tend to tell myself “it’s not so important”. But asking each person to take care of their own tracks might take a some pressure off the project co-ordinator(s). Maybe?!


I guess we need to separate mix from mastering in this discussion. So far every artist was responsible for mixing their own tracks, but the mastering has been done by one person. Over the years multiple people have taken care of it, apart from the afore mentioned @jlmitch5, @jasonw22 and @Simeon have done mastering and maybe others I’m forgetting now.
I personally see a great benefit in having one person giving a bit of cohesiveness to what otherwise is usually a very eclectic mix of styles and approaches. We’ve also done that for our ironaugust remix project and I can totally say that the before and after impression is big.
It’s a lot of work though and requires both skills and some equipment to be done right.
This said, there certainly is themes or concepts where something rougher could totally work. It’s mostly a matter of how one approaches the project. So far LCRP has been aimed at producing a final album, but if it goes more towards Junto territories then a central mastering figure might be less essential.


I’d definitely be interested in helping, unfortunately I lack the skills to help with mastering, but I can certainly help with any visuals, discussing the concept, helping with any management or whatever ! :slight_smile:


What is the time frame we are thinking for this one?

I was thinking of the next equinox, near the end of March. Good question to ask, I’ll add something to the OP.

Thanks for the comments so far, all. I’ll get a private conversation going for that who want to talk concepts.

Re: mastering, I’d be really keen for it to happen, while not being interested in learning what to do myself.

Here’s the angle I’d like to take if we get this off the ground:

  • Say upfront the results may not get mastered, so anyone who gets involved in making music knows that from the start.
  • Contributors get on with making music.
  • Organisers continue exploring options re: mastering.
  • Worst case I’ll look at the most basic mastering ever, i.e. a bit of normalising and perhaps EQing, probably that’s it.

So mastering would start somewhere around that time? If so, I should be free around then and can set aside time for it!

EDIT: But if anyone else wants to do it that’s totally cool, or anyone wants to try it and wants someone to bounce ideas or anything off of, happy to help with that


That’s a great offer, thanks!

I really enjoyed your write ups of your process (and the results of it) for the Day & Night LCRP - it was cool to have the mastering bit out in the open for anyone who was interested.

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I mentioned the mastering previously in this thread because I was a bit worried about how much work it was. Your process write ups on the last project made me realise how much technical knowledge is involved. I was very impressed!!

Maybe we could repost the link @jasonw22 provided (about exporting easier-to-master audio files) to try and make the final process easier for you?

EDIT >> Just found it. It’s this one:


I think part of what made the process most difficult last time is because I was definitely getting my bearings as to how I wanted to tackle it and everything. This time will be a lot easier.

And yes, export without a limiter on anything (and at a lower level than anything clipping of course). While true it doesn’t really matter all that much if there’s 6dB of headroom on the peaks, you don’t want to normalize the loudest peak to right at 0 dBFS due to the potential for inter-sample clipping see If you give yourself like 1dB of headroom you won’t have to worry about that. (disclaimer: I’m not expert, might be wrong about this, this is just what I’ve gathered from reading)


I’m quite new to the forums, but I love the idea of LCRP, I hope that I can be part of it!

In terms of mastering, Like others have already said I think that if everyone takes care of mixing themselves, and leaves the master without any serious limiting or compression, then that would make it a bit easier for those tasked with mastering.

In any case, I will be following this thread closely, and I hope that I can do something to help or contribute.


It’s been a while since I was involved, so I’m in. Woop woop.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last two years (?!) of lcrps and they’ve contributed a lot to my learning. My desktop is pretty stacked up right now and so don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep, but I want to stay in the loop in case I have some space once this iteration gets going. I’ll keep an eye on this thread and will jump in if I can.


happy to be a part of it :slightly_smiling_face:
thank you
many fantastic artists here, plz let me know if I can help

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I’m an illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer. Let me know if I can help contribute any artwork! This is my website.

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Awesome all… I’ve just changed the topic to make it clear I’m not asking who would contribute a track. I’ll be in touch to confirm what people thought they were saying yes to. :sweat_smile: