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This thread is for Lines Lefties to discuss socialism, anarchism, gasp communism, or whatever usurps capitalism. I also hope folks not familiar with these topics feel comfortable to engage, ask questions, and discuss. Holding this thread to the general lines standard of good faith engagement and discussion.


Whatever is talked about here: props to you for clever, visual idea of the title!


Trying to figure out the purpose of your thread. Ie this one?

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(This)“Thread (is) for Lines Lefties to discuss socialism, anarchism, …”

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Here’s a story about Amazon’s most recent union busting activity:


Having worked on both sides of the union divide, I agree 100% that employees need much more consideration, but I’m not sure unions are the answer. Ultimately, they are for-profit businesses, motivated by their own bottom line, just as the employing company is. I don’t believe it uncommon for union representation to leave many workers sandwiched between two organizations that both place something other than worker interests as top priority.
It would be interesting to explore what not-for-profit worker representation would look like.


Partially a place to continue discussions that come to an end due to being too tangential to the topics at hand like this one from @lazzarello.

or this post by @ypxkap and the reply chain that followed from ‘democracy’ awhile ago:

I’m sure the topics for the thread will form and take shape, or maybe they won’t, we’ll see.

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I do think that any union is better than no union, but hear that concern. My father was Teamsters for 30 years and served as union rep for a bit, but eventually threw in the towel because of the union’s blatant disregard for workers in order to achieve political posture.



More insight into Amazon management perspectives on unions:

I care about Amazon workers, and I believe this situation could be changed from the bottom with enough organization and pressure.

The type of pressure that Amazon responds to most efficiently is a clear signal from its customers. If a consumer-led campaign discouraging Amazon union busting were well enough organized to produce a response in sufficient numbers to materially impact the bottom line, I think it would work.


There’s a big difference between the business unionism of the AFL-CIO, etc. and the radical unionism of for example the IWW. We need more of the latter and less of the former.


I went ahead and made an edit to the original post with your comment in mind, hope that helps clarify.

On the topic of unions, does anyone have any experience with Tech Workers’ Coalition? Have they made any concerted efforts to affiliate and unionize, or is it more of just a community/interest group?

yea I was a little groggy this morning and though it was a link to the climate thread. Lol.

As far as Amazon is concerned, I don’t shop there because of their business practices and concentration of all that wealth in one persons hands made off the backs of others.

As soon as their robot plans go into effect, not sure there will be many human workers left to worry about at Amazon.

Do people in cities and suburbs really desire to have drones flying about delivering Amazon packages? Then it will be Starbucks lattes.

Tulsi Gabbard most represents my views and will get my vote as she is extremely intelligent and well-spoken. I think that New Zealand has led the way in how the future should look with the election of Jacinda Ardern.


Amazon already used robots. They don’t have arms, hands, eyes, or brains, humans are still cheaper for all that. What the robots do is bring the shelves to the humans, so people don’t have to run around to find things.

Concentration of wealth is a serious problem, and perhaps one reason why I work for the company: it’s one of a very few shops in town capable of employing me with my blend of skills. They don’t have a monopoly on such jobs, but they are one of a very small number of employers at this level in the area.

An economy that placed more emphasis on and provided more support for small business would be much healthier for a county with around 120k residents. A health care system that didn’t tie health care to employment would go a long way in this direction.

My wife and I ran a business for five years, but cancer put an end to that. At this point I’m very grateful for my Amazon provided health care.

It was an exciting concept video, but I sincerely doubt this will ever come to pass. Impractical and unpopular.

Isn’t she a bit of a hawk?


thinking about the same (in the US). how tricky was the transition to something with good healthcare when it became necessary ?

I have no idea, honestly. There was no way to continue to run the business when 50% of it was in the hospital.

And after we closed the business we found out that you’re not supposed to be able to get group health insurance as a husband and wife partnership anyway. We flew under the radar by having different last names.

Perhaps Obamacare would allow us to get expensive health insurance with her pre-existing condition, but given all else that was changing in our lives at the time, it just made more sense to get a corporate job.

Not sure what the future holds. Hopefully Medicare for all?


No. She served in Iraq and is in the national guard, however she speaks out against war and desires to put an end to foreign regime change Wars. she wants to use the money saved from military spending for social programs such single-payer healthcare, ie the option for Medicare for all.

Often times our Soldiers, having been exposed to the experience of War and needless waste, are the ones most qualified to address that issue.

For example, The Vietnam veterans against that war were the ones who I emulated in my protest efforts while in high school.


Her own words are pretty confusing.


“In short, when it comes to the war against terrorists, I’m a hawk,” Gabbard said. “When it comes to counterproductive wars of regime change, I’m a dove.”


I am a trade unionist worker and steward for my local for 16yrs. In this time of precarity it’s extremely important we maintain worker solidarity. Unions will play a key roll in combating climate collapse, protecting workers who are indigenous, POC, lgbtq2si, and those who live with disability. It’s also extremely important we do everything we can to protect non unionized workers and migrant workers who are the most vulnerable.

I also run a leftist synth community called Left Coast for those still on Facebook. We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive community. Please feel free to check us out!


For those of who are working in pretty anti-union environments, what can we do to help?

Where should we look for the Facebook group?

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Engaging your community is key. I think a lot of anti union sentiment engages people on a populist emotional level. Like “why should they have x, when we don’t have x” of course this is missing the point, as workers we have no say how wealth is distributed. The problem is those on top. I think most people would agree with that assessment put in those terms.

Talk to colleagues and find out what is important to them. Engage with community organizations that support workers, indigenous peoples, POC, lghtq2si, and folks with disability. Engaging and supporting your neighbors and fellow workers is key to solidarity.

It’s encouraging to read stories how Foodora, wall mart employees, video game designers, coffee shop employees are forming new locals. Maybe speak to orgs in your field who are unionized if those exists. Lots of workers advocacy groups can give organizational or legal advice