Leno Banton, First Co-Production of my label 'Calm Road Records'

The new project is called ‘Calm Road Records’. Here’s part of our mission statement:

Calm Road Records’ seeks to promote emerging talent in Jamaican music. With offering a small investment in the production cost of a project, while the artist retains a 100% ownership of their works.

Our first co-production is with the artist ‘Leno Banton’ on his demo project of three tracks. He is part of the new wave of conscious reggae artists and his legacy is partly from his father, legendary pioneer Burro Banton. With the release of the music now, he is showing his own original style, with beautiful genuine visuals made in Jamaica during lockdown times. Give it a view and a like if you like. Let us know what you feel about the music and the initiative. Cheers and blessings! Thanks for the support.

Leno Banton - Deep Meditation

Leno Banton - So Divine, Rastafari

Leno Banton - Mystery


Thanks, bookmarked to check out later. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the love!

just recieved the dubplate special for ‘Better Days’ which is also relevant to the current situation.

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