Leo Wolf: Magnolia on cassette and all streaming services

Hi lines friends! I wanted to share some links here to the album I released earlier this year called Magnolia. I recorded the entire album using my modular synth to process samples and field recordings into lush ambient drones with sort of a lofi texture. Morphagene is featured heavily through the whole project. Most of my work is based around concepts so below I’m going to share some of my inspiration for the album as well as bandcamp links for both the physical and digital releases

I began recording ‘Magnolia’ in the weeks after my sister passed away. I was overwhelmed with a feeling that resembled a kind of nostalgia. When I began to explore that feeling and spend time with it, this album began taking form. These songs play on themes of memory, and the passage of time; concepts that define our lives and help us to navigate through this labyrinthine world where we exist physically and metaphysically, in past and present, in reflections, in parallel with ourselves.

Digital only:

Cassette and digital: