less concepts 2.1.1

hey @dan_derks how does one submit a patch to maiden?

Are you asking about putting in a github pull request to add something to less_concepts? Or releasing your own new script for people To download to their norns?

If it’s a new script, go ahead and create a post in the Library section! If its to make some additions, changes or potential bug fixes to less_concepts (or another already released script) that would happen on github.

If you’re releasing a new script in the Library section, eventually @ngwese will add it to the maiden library section.

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Likely a dumb question, but I’ll ask anyway: Is there a way to quantize LC to play in a certain key/scale? Apologies if I have missed this.

not a dumb question at all!

there’s a scale and a global transpose option in the params. by default, less concepts starts in C playing the ionian scale. adjusting scale will keep the same root but change scales, adjust to taste by adding/subtracting semitones with global transpose.

is that what you were looking for? happy to help with more info :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s perfect! Thanks Dan!

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Here’s to using tools in (perhaps vastly) different ways in 2020! Less Concepts into Ultomaton

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Dan i know you might have moved on to other awesome-ness but i had one more feature/idea for Less Concepts
It would be just a full fledged awesome sauce if seed/rule could be mapped to ARC pairs i noticed it when using the K2/K3 in unison
just an idea i wish i was better at lua already but i am in that uncomfortable but interesting space where my ideas eclipse my coding skill again – humbling for sure

hi! a little help here would be much appreciated :slight_smile:
I have less concepts running via crow i2c JF. I’m trying to clock it via teletype trigger to crow (input 2) - option selected in the standard ‘clock’ param. beatclock-crow.lua also in lib folder - but I get nothing… am I doing something wrong or am I not doing something?
norns and crow on latest updates.

hey! have you tried executing crow.reset() and then restarting the script? give it a go and lmk!

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pardon my ignorance but how and where do I do that? thanks for the help!

edit 1: if executing crow.reset() is typing it in maiden, I did that and restart LC with no result.

edit 2: did a crow.reset() and a crow.clear() and it seems to be working! :smile:

:pray: :raised_hands: @dan_derks

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woo! so glad you got it working!

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Dipping my toe in all thing norns by crudely hacking less_concepts to fit a monobright 64 configuration.

EDIT: I forked Dan’s repo and added my edit here for monobright grid 64: https://github.com/aidanreilly/less_concepts

Updated 05082020 with beat clock changes

@dan_derks this sequencer is incredible. The last time I was this blown away with a “random” sequencer was when I built a Klee. I think less_concepts easily matches that for sheer musicality. Thank you.


Not sure if you have the options, but using it with crow becomes an unbelievably complex tool. Having this level of regularly shifting expressiveness able to play CV, Just Friends and internal audio (not to mention then mangle the audio on the backend of the app as a pass through effects box) is bonkers.

Due to its flexibility, it is my go to when learning how to use my newly built rack.

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I was wondering if anyone has used less_concepts with crow to send CV v/oct out? I just updated to the newest norns and crow firmwares yesterday but couldnt seem to get it working. I’m able to use the Awake script to send CV v/oct and gate/trig outs via Crow outs 1 and 2 though, so not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

:confused: working over here, same conditions. confirm these test steps?:

  • load less concepts
  • plug in crow
  • set output to crow cv (1x v/8)
  • crow output 1 is v/8, crow output 2 is gate/trig
  • seed 36, rule 30
  • set your bits at the bottom

also, try giving it the fonzie move of crow.clear() and restarting the script?


@Oootini: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE 64 VERSION!! doooope, super stoked to hear what folks do with it. haven’t had a sec to crack it open, but so thankful for your help! how did you manage the low/high scale refs?

@kasselvania, thank you as always for the kind words and positive energy :slight_smile:


will give it a go once back at home and report back… :sunglasses:

I’m assuming this is via druid?

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can be executed from maiden’s command line!

thanks @dan_derks! not sure which step I was missing, but worked like a charm. Successfully sequencing my Serge via crow/less_concepts.

btw, is it always true that we should be loading up a script in norns before plugging in crow? i.e. if I’m using less_concepts and want to switch to Awake, should I unplug crow, switch to awake, and then plug crow back in?