Less concepts


less concepts

1d cellular automata sequencer

less concepts is rooted in the idea that complexity is just a shit-ton of simplicity, chained together. at its core, less concepts holds 65,536 possible combinations of notes which can be gated, offset, and manipulated to create minimal sequences for improvisation. small changes to a single parameter can bring sweeping or subtle changes.

seek. think. discover.


norns 2.0
grid (128), optional


less concepts for monome norns

quick start (try with internal engine first. it’s Passersby and it sounds incredible):

  • load the script w/ or w/o grid
  • choose a scale with enc 1
  • use encoders 2 + 3 to choose seed: 36 and rule: 30
  • on grid, press random bit 1 and random bit 2 OR use enc 2 + 3 to choose bits (if a bit = 0, no audible note event will occur for that voice)
  • use key 3 to move down the onscreen menu (not necessary for grid interaction, but try it out!)
  • on grid, press random low and random high OR use enc 2 + 3 to choose low and high bounds for note pool
  • use key 3 to move down the onscreen menu (not necessary for grid interaction, but try it out!)
  • on grid, press random oct 1 and random oct 2 OR use enc 2 + 3 to choose octaves for each voice/note stream, -3 to 3
  • hold key 1 until the sequencer starts
  • play around!

the ‘snapshot’ feature is grid-only (for now) and is a way to capture a config you like, up to 8 of 'em. once a snapshot populates, just press it on the grid to jump to it / between 'em. less concepts is at its core a tool for improvisation, so once you have 8 you need to clear them all to get any more. and they don’t persist between loads.

MIDI channels are assignable for voice 1 and voice 2, in the params. you can also transpose + change tempo there to fine tune for different MIDI devices.


v1.0.0 - https://github.com/dndrks/less-concepts-norns/archive/master.zip
or https://github.com/dndrks/less-concepts-norns


Norns 2.0 beta
Norns 2.0.0

that demo video!! beautiful. loving watching this library section develop… such incredible ideas happening around here.



I can’t get the start/stop functionality to work.

maiden returns this errors
metro_stop(): pthread_cancel() failed; error: specified thread does not exist



that error happens a lot and doesn’t mean anything. i should finally track it down though.



I saw that error quite a bit running stress tests, where it seemed to correlate with metros failing to start. Can dig those out, shouldn’t be so hard to get a reproducible sane test case



@rick_monster lets take this to Ye Hubbe



nobody else has reported start/stop not working, so i’d love to dig a bit deeper if you’re still having trouble with the functionality. there are some “as intended” reasons why start/stop might seem like it isn’t working — namely, an unproductive seed / rule combo. can you please try loading seed 36 and rule 30 and report back? :hugs:

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thanks for the help, got it working.

I was stumped up by needing to hold key 2 to select seed and rule, so the error was on my side.

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My (6yr old) boy and I just shared in a 45 min improvisation on Less concepts. Sounded Wonderful, thank you @Dan_Derks



oh, this is very warming to read – thank you so much for sharing this :revolving_hearts:

it means so much to have sideline involvement in such a wonderful moment :slight_smile: