Less concepts

am def using the weird and tiny model. I TOTALLY SPACED ON ELCA. ty for bumping. I still have your elcos script and will deep dive later today!

this sounds super fun. excited to adapt the current script to include it (more concepts?).


thanks dan. that makes it more clear. hahaha. in a way… it’s just like musical minesweeper right?! haha.

i didn’t know there was a record to go with this and now i’m immersed. beautiful work!

Hey @dan_derks, I don’t seem to be able to get LC to play with external clock selected. I just picked up this iConnectivity Mio https://www.iconnectivity.com/products/midi/mio so I can take my master clock (E-RM Multiclock which has DIN midi outs) and connect it to Norns USB, but so far no luck.
As I’m not coding Lua I’m rather in the dark as to how midi is implemented. I can get midi out working… but that’s about it.

perpetual issue, I’m so sorry! @nattog helped me out with a PR to match their setup, so I’ll page them: Guy, any tips on how you’ve been able to get external clocking working?

FYI - I can’t get it to work in Awake, either…

Follow the white rabbit…, Awake

@dan_derks I’ve not checked your code but this may be similar to a fix proposed here: Norns: scripting best practices

I’m using an identical setup with no problems so a solution is definitely out there :slight_smile: Have you tried different ports on the MIDI system menu?
Also do you know what LC version number you’re running? I’ve not had a chance to run the latest changes yet but v2 had a small update afterwards which fixed external clocking on my end

That is certainly encouraging. You’re using E-RM Multiclock and Mio?
Yes, I did try different ports, and I did test that Multiclock is actually sending midi clock by connecting it to my Keystep and setting it to midi sync, and that worked.
Yes, I downloaded the latest version yesterday, before trying this.

To be clear, the actual physical usb connections are arbitrary, right? The 4 usb connections are effectively a hub and are not actually numbered. It is the midi port settings are just for internal norns protocol?

the latest on GH or the beta above?

Not the beta. The one from the initial post.

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thx lloyd, i’ll keep digging. i might reach out thru pm with a few test versions in the next few days, if that’s ok?

My setup is Multiclock - Mio - Norns. I’m away from my equipment this week so hypothesising here just from a cursory glance at the code: there’s two separate midi connect declarations, and also two clk.on_select_external. Worth investigating whether this is affecting external sync.

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Actually, I’ll be out of the studio for a week or so, from tomorrow. A short tour. Happy test stuff once back. I think if this external clocking thing can work then there all sorts of opportunities, not just for LC. Cranes with start and end points quantized to a grid from external clock could be very useful…

Just warming up to this cool app! I have midi out working. Does anyone care to elaborate on the concept of Vox 1 and 2 and how they relate to each other, how they are generated/controlled?

The “right now” solution - See line 103 and update that to whatever midi device slot you’re using for the Mio: clk_midi = midi.connect(2) for example.

Or… move your Mio in SYSTEM>DEVICES>MIDI to the first position/slot

(as coded, LC defaults to clock on midi device slot 1)

Yes - this is correct.

Great thanks.
I should have time to try that tonight.

And to be clear - there should be no need to go into Maiden and edit.
Just make sure the mio is assigned to midi slot 1, right?

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Yes. Try that first and see if it works for you.

It works!
Not sure how I failed to make it work yesterday…
Many thanks.
This is going to be fun and great music possible!

Awake still won’t play ball, but that’s another thread.

Off to mid-west. Off Lines for a while. Back next Wednesday.


Going to check out olafur this afternoon. Question, does this lua file just replace the lua file in less concepts? Does it need to be renamed? Thanks Dan!

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oh excellent! excited to hear your feedback/results.

you can keep both, just throw less_concepts_olafur.lua in the same less_concepts folder. that way, you can switch back to the stable release.