Less concepts

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@yobink + @Andrew really cutting to the core of why I want other people to use these tools – I could listen to this stuff for dayyyyys. thank you for sharing these!


Your tools are an inspiration! Thanks @Dan_Derks!

git pull
Already up to date.

git pull is the new F5


augh! I know I know – I promised this weekend :revolving_hearts:
I didn’t anticipate a pretty productive one-shot session that’s led to a tutorial video:

as soon as this thing is done, we’ll be live! thank you for pinging the thread :slight_smile:


2.0 up! top post top post!


It’s simply awesome. More awesome, and it was awesome already. Probability + delay/looper + gridless playability. Already playing by itself in my headphones. :exploding_head::pray:


20 characters of this sound really amazing, can’t wait to try it out

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More/Less Concepts is amazing, @Dan_Derks! Thanks again for all you do!

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One of the most inspiring and unique sequencers in any format just got better :slight_smile:


First try of the version 2.0 of this magic thing.


:heart_eyes: @AlessandroBonino, thank you for sharing!

quick thing: to clear the presets, hold key 2 and press key 3. will post above as well


This is great, I tried the midi out with my modular and the sevillasoft dongle to Ansible.

I have a couple of suggestions. I would like to reproduce the same songs / settings for playing live. Would it be possible to save everything as a preset for recall, as a project file? I think this would be great for playing live improv using premade base patches, instead of having to start from scratch each time. Currently I am manually hand entering info for each tune into a text file on my computer, so I don’t lose anything. The only way I have seen this project save done effectively is in the Takt and Fugu scripts, with info saved as project files.

Another suggestion is the recall / state setting. When using the grid and pressing the bottom right button to save a state, it occasionally double triggers and accidentally saves 2 duplicate states. Maybe this is my grid being overally sensitive. But to delete the duplicate I have to delete everything in the bottom left row. Is it possible to delete each state one at a time using a grid? Deleting each stage from right to left, one at a time?

This would be awesome. I find that half the time I end up skipping over some saved states because they don’t mesh and I can’t delete them without deleting everything. I have not experienced the duplicate states.

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yes, I think this issue is my grid, not Less Concepts, if I press a certain way, sometimes it double saves. My grid does not 100% sit flush on my desk. I will maybe adjust the screw tension.
The deleting individual states would be very handy though, especially when stuff doesn’t gel and you run out of states.

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IIRC in the original readme, Less Concepts was conceptually opposed to this, as it was a tool for exploration and acceptance of ephemerality.

That said, I don’t imagine this would be terribly difficult to add in a fork, if you so desire. Or maybe @Dan_Derks feels differently now.

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Yes I understand that, but in my situation i would still be exploring and improvising live, but just not from a clean blank template. I view each one of these saved stage settings, as starting points for improvisation. It’s the same way that Buchla designed the preset system for the 200e, as starting points for exploration and improvisation and uses as a live tool.

I would like to perform something like this live. I can, but it’s not practical. I did save all the setting in a text file on my computer. So to do that currently, in a sound check, I would have to manually re-enter all that info for 7 presets from photographs on my iPhone. So I don’t do that, I just currently use in the studio.

For studio work and jamming, it’s fine how it is, I can jam and cut out the best bits in my DAW. But for live, I’m not going to randomly jam hoping I can capture something like this, because I know 90% of it would be unlistenable to the audience without having some sort of base point to work from. Even when you have all the stages entered, it’s not as if it automatically plays the same everytime because it doesn’t. You still have to work it to steer it in the right direction.

Obviously I respect the decision, if this idea opposes the original concept.
It’s just a suggestion, and I just wanted to highlight a practical reason of how I would plan to use and why I currently can’t use live. It’s a brilliant script.


i really appreciate the discussion happening here, thank you all!

this makes sense to me, @mlogger. i have some starting points for the snapshot changes and i’m sure it wouldn’t take too much cannibalizing from other scripts that allow full preset save/recall to build this into less concepts. i have a hunch that the ways i’m changing snapshots will make this possible.

wrt intent, i am still very curious about how audiences watch performances and what their needs/thresholds are around transparency in process. but, that doesn’t mean I have to limit other artists to the parameters of this exploration – I think adding persistent presets is a good idea if it’ll help others continue to incorporate less concepts into their work :slight_smile:


“Are you ready to start?”
“Wait, I don’t save anything so I have to manually dial-in starting points every time”

(me, the last two times I played live)



Thanks for considering it. I think the key point for me personally, is that these are starting points for improvisation, and allows me to jam within the overall framework of a song, I think an audience appreciates when they see an artist play their instrument, instead of the other way around. For me, audiences have shown more interest when I’m freestyling samples with a grid, ER301 and Earthsea or live looping with a w/, more than pressing play in sequencer. But those freestyles are also rehearsed and set within a framework of Earthsea patterns, that I turn on and off, so I don’t get lost completely, I have a base patch to work from. It would be a similar way that I would use Less Concepts. I’m working at trying to incorporate Norns into this live setup with the live loopers, like Cranes, Mangl, Bounds and alternative midi sequencers like this and Orca plugged into Ansible.