Let's add some op aliases to the Teletype!



In case anyone is wondering:

X 0
L 0 3 : X + X << P I I

is a binary to decimal converter. And it’s just as complicated to get your head around without the symbols…


Not sure how I missed this. Maybe I’ve been stoned on solder paste fumes.

This is great. I’ve been finding myself wanting a bit more room on each line. Having more compact versions of basic math functions helps!

Thanks again, @sam, for all that you are doing for the Teletype ecosystem. It really is spectacular.


The code to add the aliases is really simple (and adds little overhead), once it’s been merged, we can go through and add shortened versions of the TXi and TXo ops too.

I really need to get some sort of automated documentation system up and running for ops though!


Hi there, is there a list of the aliases somewhere ?


it’s listed in the docs separately for each op.

OP OP (set) Alias Description
ADD x y - + add x and y together




Thanks. I’ll compile them myself, then. For the purpose of memorizing, and work my skills.


If you know Python, you could hack some of the scripts that generate the docs to list out the aliases. Otherwise the easiest option is probably to just go through the list.


Post here if/when you do! I would find it useful.
And thank you in advance!


I’ll publish it here as a rough copy/paste when it’s done (and if it’s done). I don’t have the skills to do much more.