Let's talk about your ios and modular integration methods!

I think most people will say for best results either an ES9/8 [what I use] or a Hermod will make things easier.
The only issue is getting AUM to slave because… well it doesn’t do midi slave.He hasn’t implemented MIDI clock-in yet. Thus, if using AUM, let it be the master clock instead.
Other options are Drambo or MiRack if you’d like to use Pam’s as the master clock.

I WAS using an Erica MIDI<>Clock module to pull clock from this convoluted Pitt Mod Generator X pattern generation method I used to center my beat making practice in. The Erica module switches between Clock to MIDI or MIDI to Clock, but that’s buying something. As @DatGood says, AUM doesn’t follow MIDI clock in, but maybe you can get that to work with the MIDI Link Sync app.

Oooooooh, looks like MIDI Ling Sync is abandon-ware :roll_eyes:

Thanks @DatGood … i have an ES-8 which i use for audio but as far as i can tell it wont do MIDI…do you know differently? Wish it would.

My link approach with th ML:2 is fine as long as i don’t change tempo in the middle of a piece, which is ok But a bit crappy when playing with others.

I have over the last 6 months started using loopy pro a lot more as my ios ‘boss’.

Thanks for pointing that out @soysos…wasnt aware of it. I dont think it will fix my problem here (maybe I should have gone for the es9 instead) but it looks useful. Why did you stop using it?

I haven’t used the Erica MIDI<->CLK for a couple reasons.
I’m not really using the Generator X set up as lead clock anymore, usually opting for AUM of Drambo as host and leader. That way I can send MIDI clock and also send/receive Ableton Link.
I generally want my ipad as the center timing source, not the modular.

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I think it works with the MIDI breakout, but I just send CV out of it.