Levinson / Mahlmeister - 10-27-19 - New Release

Hey there, happy to announce that my duo, creatively titled Levinson/Mahlmeister, has a new release on Bandcamp today. We’re pretty stoked about this one.


Its been about a two year journey for us both coming from rock, getting into modular synths around the same time and trying to figure out how modular fits into our playing styles of drums and guitar respectively. Likewise making it work as a group has been a fun and interesting challenge as well. We knew from the start that we wanted to incorporate the modular with live instruments, but we were struggling with how to deal with rhythmic elements a lot. Jamie had been going back and forth on his setups a bit, and he finally settled into a situation of using Sensory Percussion triggers on his drums to trigger samples in Ableton and then use his modular setup just for processing. We stopped using a shared clock for sequences, and this freed us up to actually ‘play’ a lot more. All of his sequenced type things are played live, and any sequences I introduce he’s just playing along too, even though his sounds are sample based. This really allows things to be a lot more fluid for us.

I decided to focus a lot on the lap steel, and I’m processing it live a bunch with the Morphagene and other stuff. My current patch is more performance based, using Pressure Points to trigger a variety of timbres and events from the synth.

Hope you enjoy!


Hell yeah. I’m super intrigued by your description, and it sounds like an awesome project. I can’t wait to listen!

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