LF: Paid job – programming grid splitter M4L

Hello lines,

I am a long time grid user with absolutely no (=zero) programming skills. I always use/enjoy the fantastic apps programmed by this lovely community.

Since there doesn’t seem to exist an easy grid-splitter solution, I am looking for someone interested in programming such a splitter app as a paid job.

I started a thread a while ago, because I had the impression, that a number of grid users were in need of such an app. The existing solutions seem rather old or complicated (pages/griddle/quadrants/smallbatch).

Right now one possible scenario for me would be to split my 256 and address it as two separate 128 grids with changing M4L applications. i.e. the upper half would switch between various terms/gridlab apps, the lower half would switch between the ‚control app‘ and re:mix.

Anyone interested in this? We could PM about details as the price :slight_smile:

The app should later be free for everybody, so I would pay the work and then it should be put up for download on the github/collected page.

All the best

I attach a list with links to similiar requests/posts/threads:


This used to be a lot easier before serialosc. You could point monomeserial at your splitter. Then your splitter at your apps.

Anyway I started playing around with putting a splitter inside the serialosc.maxpat file. So one could replace this and then it’d integrate itself into all max patches.

Got it working with flin and meadowphysics yesterday. Still a lot to do to make it more flexible though.

I do not own max for live. So not sure what the requirements for the autofocus track select stuff is.


@stevieraysean this seems very promising and what a lot of people are looking for. How beautiful the 256 looks with meadowphysics and flin! Even though I am working with M4L in Ableton, I own Max and this would be a serious thing for live performance.
Big up from Berlin

Hey @stevieraysean,
did you spend any more time with this? Any news or progress?
I have a Max licence so I am not limited to M4L.
Best from Berlin!

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Sorry, no, been super busy.

I do want to put some time into this though. While what I’ve gotten working initially does what’s wanted to an extent. it isn’t intuitive, flexible, or easy to setup. Needs are bit of thought put into it.

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Very interested on this too!
Would be great to split my 256 :slight_smile:

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