Liblo error 9914 in Path

Hello all! New to Norns and the community. Recently got my Norns, and quickly went into maiden to install many of the amazing scripts I have seen. Recently when I connect Norns to maiden, I keep receiving the following error in the matron repl:

“Liblo error 9914 in path (null): invalid message path”

The message I am very new to this and have no coding experience but want to learn. What is causing this error and how can I fix?

Thank you all in advance!

i’ve literally never seen this error— so this is a novelty.

but i’d simply suggest you do a fresh install (given this is certainly a used unit), see instructions here: help | monome/docs

let me know if it persists.

Thanks for the reply. It really is quite unusual. I picked the unit up from the last batch of a builder on Reverb. Error was not there the first few times I’ve connected to maiden. After installing some more scripts, I started to notice it. Good news I guess is it is not really effecting anything as far as I can tell. I will get a good micro as card and flash the fresh firmware. Keep you posted if that solves it!

How queer – i just saw that error this week while coding something on norns but don’t remember what it was… I remember i solved it though. I’m not being useful but I’m writing this in hopes it will activate my brain to remember what it was…

EDIT 💆 yes i got this message when I was trying to send OSC messages from Puredata to norns over UDP protocol, without passing them through the [packOSC] object which turns OSC message such as /cutoff 666 to binary. Using the [packOSC] fixed it.

Are you using OSC messages, or do you have something on the same WIFI which might be sending OSC messages to norns?


I am glad you thought of that. Pardon my ignorance as I am very new to this. But the error did start to occur when I paired my organelle with Norns over WiFi to sync. That would be the only thing I can think of that could have caused this.

Is the error interfering with anything, or just being a nuisance by constantly appearing in maiden?

can you clarify what you mean by “paired”?

Sorry I meant synced. I have both the Norns and organelle join to my WiFi network so I can sync the bpm between the two devices. Mostly used organelle as a “master” to set the bpm between the two.

this error means norns received an empty OSC message (no payload, no address string, nothing to be done with it.)

the error comes from liblo, here is the source

it means the PD patch you’re using to send is not set up correctly. @xmacex advice is spot on for fixing it (most likely), or take it up with the author of the patch. nothing we can do on the norns side.

i suppose it could be benign (there is an extra empty message being sent as well as a correctly-formed message), but i think more likely it is not doing what you want. impossible for anyone here to to say more without seeing the patch and the script.

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So I started with @tehn advice first and just completed a fresh install on a new card. As soon as I connected to maiden, I am getting the same error again. No other devices are connected to the same network right now. Will look into @xmacex fix next. Thanks for the advice all.

Still no luck getting rid of the error. Not sure why the fresh install on a new card would not have worked. All I did after I flashed the firmware to a new micro sd card was expand the memory. After that I connected to maiden via WiFi and the liblo error started appearing again. Not sure what to do from here as I can’t figure out the other suggested fix.

please see my post and that of @xmacex . the problem is not on norns. the problem is that the other device is sending malformed OSC packets. the likely issue is that the PD patch is not correctly using [packOSC].

what have you tried / where are you stuck?

if you want us to help debug directly, please share the PD patch.

After flashing a fresh firmware in a new card, all I did was connect to maiden and still I am getting this error. Other then my computer, I have not connecting any other device so I am not sure why that error would appear again on a new SD card.

As for what triggered it originally, I really cannot tell you exactly. The error seemed to appear after I synced both my organelle and my Norns Sheild to the same WiFi network so I could sync the bpm. I experimented with several organelle patches so can’t pinpoint exact one. Sorry I can’t give you more information. New to the device and the coding aspect.

i’m uncertain how you’re attempting to bpm sync the organelle and norns. via link?

the organelle seems to be sending out empty osc packets, so that is your issue.

Yup I was sending via link. I just recently got the sevilla host to host connector so I am using midi now. But originally I was just connecting both devices to the same network and selecting link on the norns to sync the bpm,

So I flashed a fresh install and error is still coming up. Haven’t even used organelle yet with it. Thought that would have worked in at least getting rid of the error.

well, something on your network is sending junk to norns (port 8888 more specifically.)

i’m assuming you don’t get the error if norns isn’t connected to a network? (e.g. wifi turned off.)

if you do, something really strange is happening.

@zebra my network is the issue. On a whim I put back in the original Sd card. I just turned the Norns into a WiFi hotspot and had my computer join the network. Went into maiden and no error. Went and deleted a few scripts I was not using and checked again. All good. So something with my WiFi network is causing it.