Libmonome pull request

Hey guys,
Noticed an issue with libmonome interacting with my 512.
I’ve had this pull-request out since October so I’m looking for some attention.

It’s also mentioned here (though ignored) on the old monome forums:

Seems there’s a bug when using the osc protocol for multiple monome devices.
eg. “osc.udp://”

If you use the serial device directly (‘/dev/ttyUSB0’,‘/dev/ttyUSB1’) it works okay.
But with the osc protocol, even though the user selects a distinct port different from the initially existing monome, libmonome never tells the new device to communicate on the user-defined port so all connected devices end up talking on libmonome’s default.

So adding this to the osc protocol’s proto_osc_open() function does the trick…
235 + lo_send_from(self->outgoing, self->server, LO_TT_IMMEDIATE, “/sys/port”,“i”,atoi(port));

Commit here: