scrips management system for norns 2.0


Norns, internet connection


Hold BTN1 to:

  • update library
  • update selected script

BTN3 - install / remove script


v0.2 - Download zip


what’s the correct format for a post in this category to be added to the package manager?

That’s a really neat addition, but won’t it need some way of identifying Norns scripts from Max or other stuff?

Thats kinda temporary workaround thing.
@zebra told there going to be library management in maiden/menu. Not sure if this needs to be developed further now.


Hi there, If I hold button 1 nothing happens –

I am new with adding things to norns so its very possible I just don’t what I’m doing yet. Sorry if that’s the case!

is this correct:

download librarian & unzip
copy to dust/code
sleep norns
select librarian script
hold button 1

What should happen next?

edit: ahh I see – you hold button 3. I guess I missread the instructions. update library sounds like what I would want to do, but its install/remove script? either way I think its working :slight_smile:
Thank you!

while in main menu (scripts list) btn1 updates library, in script menu btn1 updates script to latest version (no indication of that) and btn3 installs or removes script

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Had something a little weird happen using this today. When trying to install a script I picked “haven” but it then installed a duplicate of “cranes”. Anyone else encounter this?

tried to use the script to install/update other scripts(managed to unintall reels with librarian, but not install it again). I get this error in matron:

sh: 1: cd: 
can't cd to /home/we/dust/code/reels/

Sorry for your issue! Removing Librarian/lib/scripts.db and restarting script should do the thing

might be an issue with the path to reels in librarian(I think it just got updated) new error when trying to install reels with librarian

fatal: repository 'zip' does not exist

Fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

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