Library Category

i’ve created the library.

basically the idea is anyone can create a new thread with a project, and then discussion about that project can flow there. the category will become a collection place.

tags will help for navigation, but eventually we may want to do some sort of more topical indexing… but we can discuss that as it comes.

all thoughts and suggestions very much welcomed.



I reckon this is a potentially powerful request to do crazy meta things on norns…
(thats funny, direkt browser link seems the be broken, copy pasting url works)

for future reference, this works for showing an entire post:{id}.json

Could this also extend to community sound libraries?

Eg: a small library around a theme - such as rain recordings.


Someone please point me out on how to add tags to topic, i seems to be blind :see_no_evil:

If you created the topic, scroll to the top and click the pencil to edit, there should be a tag field.


Is it off topic to comment that all the stuff that’s been posted already looks absolutely immaculate and now I really wish I had a Norns?


i could see how this would fit in!

there certainly isn’t storage/bandwidth capacity on the server so there’d need to be some sharing method figured out?

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would anyone like to volunteer some time to scour back threads for things to move to Library?

ie: Mark Eats Clips - Ableton clip launcher for grids

post links here or use the mod flag “something else” option and we’ll move them, so that they can be more visible!

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Do posts that share audio created with a particular app belong in the library thread?

i don’t think they need their own thread, but certainly posts like this could live in the thread of the application used.


found another gem:

anyone up for helping find more?

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O whoops I see what you mean now, look for threads to change the category of (not look for posts to put in existing library threads)

I wonder would be better to start new threads and link to the older threads? That way we would have some consistency with the format of the library posts, eg. video/image, requirements, docs, link to download.

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are stuff like this good for the library category?

Grainfields for norns anyone? :drooling_face:


this makes sense additionally because there’s an edit time limitation and many of these are quite old.

perhaps best to bump the threads and invite the author to start a new thread in the Library category?

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I had ported Rebound by @enneff and Kayan by @burn (links here) to norns 2.0 but I don’t feel entitled to make Library threads for them. I hope the authors will provide them :slight_smile:

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OK, well as a first stab, since I’ve looked at it recently:

I did find that there didn’t seem to be tags for Arc & Max?

that’s great to hear! nothing wrong contacting the authors… they may be busy or have moved on to other projects

i added a max tag

we haven’t decided on arc/grid/etc tags yet.

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perhaps the best way for volunteers to help would be to format the top post of existing “to be moved” threads into the Library template and DM it to the original author and post it here. if they’ve left or don’t respond within a few days we can create a new Library thread and backlink to the old thread.