Library Category

O whoops I see what you mean now, look for threads to change the category of (not look for posts to put in existing library threads)

I wonder would be better to start new threads and link to the older threads? That way we would have some consistency with the format of the library posts, eg. video/image, requirements, docs, link to download.

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are stuff like this good for the library category?

Grainfields for norns anyone? :drooling_face:


this makes sense additionally because there’s an edit time limitation and many of these are quite old.

perhaps best to bump the threads and invite the author to start a new thread in the Library category?

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I had ported Rebound by @enneff and Kayan by @burn (links here) to norns 2.0 but I don’t feel entitled to make Library threads for them. I hope the authors will provide them :slight_smile:

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OK, well as a first stab, since I’ve looked at it recently:

I did find that there didn’t seem to be tags for Arc & Max?

that’s great to hear! nothing wrong contacting the authors… they may be busy or have moved on to other projects

i added a max tag

we haven’t decided on arc/grid/etc tags yet.

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perhaps the best way for volunteers to help would be to format the top post of existing “to be moved” threads into the Library template and DM it to the original author and post it here. if they’ve left or don’t respond within a few days we can create a new Library thread and backlink to the old thread.


Is it okay to share a project that while might not be “finished” is fully functional? I have a project right now that is fully working but there is a lot I’d like to add to it. I’m debating whether to put it up on the Library category now or wait till the idea is more fully fleshed out. Any guidelines I should be following here?

Something I’ve been wondering about is where I should put Norns libraries for script authors (as opposed to scripts) - should there be a different tag?

(I could also include a test script with each one and treat it like any other Norns script.)

@carltesta if it works, by all means upload. everything i make is work in progress. we just don’t want there to be fully broken scripts in Library

@mimetaur a library plus example script would be perfect in the Library


Would TouchOSC controller files be a good addition to Library?

If so - either an OSC or TouchOSC tag would be useful there.

Or should those go in another category?

(FWIW - I made TouchOSC controllers for Grid and Arc and wanted to post these for review)

EDIT - I also noticed there is not a pd or puredata tag, which would also be useful?


feel like iOS & android might be more broadly useful (if I’m correctly interpreting what yr posting). puredata is kinda a no brainer if there’s a max category

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happy to create pd, ios, android tags once something that qualifies is posted!

@okyeron touchosc controllers would be fine in library, would tag them ios

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what about vcvrack tag?

i’d be good with that. (how’s your vmodule coming?)

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having virtually unlimited number of inputs / outputs / knobs and really any kind of custom screen you can think of is exhilarating but also makes it difficult to decide when to stop :slight_smile:


Would anybody else find a web tag useful? I’ve posted a few projects that are browser-based and would find that a nice addition (that is, if I’m not the only one who might use it…).


I’m writing a norns script with MIDI, crow, grid and midigrid support, but I can only choose up to three tags :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Could we be allowed to use more than three tags here and could you add a midigrid tag, to encourage more midigrid support?