Library: forking etiquette (sharing modifications)

i thought it’d be good to discuss this issue as i’m sure it’s come up for several people, as we don’t have an implicit “license” for shared scripts here.

it’s common and encouraged to do small modifications to other peoples’ scripts, to make them work specifically for you. but what about sharing them?

  • if your modification is a fix: submit a pull request (via github) or contact the author directly if you think it’d improve their script

  • if you’re adding a small extra feature: same


  • if you’re adding a substantial change to how the script works, or extending it heavily, there’s a good chance that it should be considered a separate script all together. if you want to share this script, first contact the original author.
    • keep in mind that by “forking” the original script, you’ll be responsible for maintaining your new version which may mean sync’ing any changes with the original script (if you so desire) and responding to any bug reports about your script.
    • for your own version, it should be hosted separately (on a thread and/or git repo) and have complete documentation (including the changes to the original).
    • unless the original author specifies otherwise, you should absolutely credit the original.
    • for naming, unless it’s a massive departure in functionality, just consider naming your script as a variant of the original, ie orca-tehn (if i were to mod orca) or orca-hyperjazz (if there was some crux to your edit).

these are just some guidelines off the top of my head.

foremost: be respectful.

if anyone is up for formalizing this, or considering what it means to have an license, i’d be up for discussing this.