library + norns package manger + -- bot to help make sure it's in all the places?

I guess that even if it is better if it’s a script’s author that documents his/her/their own creation, users of a script could also take part in the documentation effort of their favorite script.

one idea I had was to contact every author w/ scripts that are absent from to ask them if they’re available for documenting them here.

if they are not, other lines users could help fill them in.

it should be pretty straightforward most of the time as the content of introductory posts for script threads are generally close to what is ends up in pages.

how does that sound?

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I totally agree.
i hope it doesn’t come across too confrontational, but i don’t like the idea of a centralized place. One aspect, which makes the Norns universe magical, is that not everything is served on a platter. I like the idea of stumbling upon patches that i somehow missed for ages. Has a similar feeling to it like the early 2000 years, when i’d hunt down pure data patches somewhere on the internet.


Really appreciate the thoughts (both practical and philosophical) about this. It’s made me realize the core of what my ask is was about being able to find scripts/know where I might should look to see if I’m missing something off the beaten path. So i think that list of links above will suffice, and I’ll probably leave any further initiatives to others.

I’ll probably do the same thing for the package manager json soon and then call this good enough for me.


i see one of mine on the list (strides). i’ll get it up on today. :smiley:


I also see 20 characters of mine :sweat_smile:


also huge shoutout to @jlmitch5 for scraping lines and making the list. that was freaking ingenious.


As an aspiring norns user, the idea of some kind of relatively comprehensive directory is extremely appealing.

Also totally understand that some developers might prefer to be cloaked in some way, but at least creating a general suggestion of joining the directory might create some useful coalescence.

Inspiring thread!


good insights, thank you all for posting! (and apologies for my lag)

anything in the maiden catalog should have a url, which to me is sufficient. the author can choose where they interact and share their work.

or if the author does not want to be in the catalog, that works too because we have ;install — ie, if an author simply wants to broadcast experiments from a disconnected blog.

if people want to start pages for unrepresented scripts i think that’s also fine if permission is requested and granted— particularly on, which we envisioned both as a catalog and documentation repository. it makes less sense to start Library threads, as most of the discussion tends to be questions and bug reports and feature requests: an author should start that if they want to engage at that level.

i don’t think there will be an authoritative always-up-to-date list: that’s just not how the internet works, and we have no intention of making norns also be some sort of gatekeeper. if someone wants to start a thread for “off-map discoveries” for linking scripts not located in the library/catalog/community that’d be one way of tracking/announcing “hidden” works.


I’ve been less engaged here for a bit, did not realize that was now the preferred method of sharing (vs library posts). I see my scripts in the list above, will look at how to document those on the community site and try to make time for that.

this post also serves as a +1 for script authors not always wanting - or lacking the time/willingness - to document more than once. it is difficult enough as it is for me to verbalize what it is some of these things I make for myself should even be doing, ha.



i’m honestly torn by two contradictory feelings.

discovering a hidden gem script is part of the experience. similar to the joy and anticipation of opening a present.

on the other hand, threads under the Library section get buried quickly. some users might struggle navigating it. but more importantly, some scripts (and their authors) don’t gather the attention they should deserve.

by trying to be niche for the sake of being niche, people (users and authors) might get excluded from part of the experience…

i believe a compromise between the 2 approaches is possible. as an example, @dan_derks did an amazing work at making the documentation way clearer while maintaining its original tone and spirit.



update: added my scripts (Here/There, Uhf, Tunnels) to today so they can be removed from that list @jlmitch5


Will do, I’ll update with the maiden stuff and update it shortly


Thanks again for everyone’s thoughts here. I’ve revised my list of apps not on, added one for apps not in the package manager, and started the thread suggested:



Hi I’ve just deleted the synths page accidentally. Can someone undo my booboo. sorry, i’m tired.

Cc @eigen @tyleretters @tehn ^

arf, i’m under the impression that the “recycle bin” (restore page) functionality is not yet implemented in our version of wiki.js…

may have to recreate it manually or from a backup…

There is also this awesome norns list. @eigen it’s you with the Godzilla profile image innit?

yeah (full story).


fixed. it’s just one line of code for folks in the future:

<iframe src=""id="gallery-iframe"></iframe>


So, I’ve duplicated content now for my sines script in 3 places: the first post in the lines thread, the git repo for sines, and now the site. For my little script, this kind of feels like overkill. I do appreciate the site though. It’s very nice and user friendly.