Life-improvement advice for the privileged


We all have 24hrs per day


Phew, I guess technically you’re right, and I’m going to leave it alone since I’m busy with school and maybe not committed to super philosophical online discussions lately, but I guess I’ll just say I think that’s ignoring a lot of complexity to different people’s situations.


Yeah understood

Hard to talk about this w/o philosophizing


I think, in this order, I can make sense of what you mean.

I would argue that even artists that do this for a living spend most of their time doing other tings. Was it here that I read about the myth of being a “full time” artist? There was a statistic that even folks that could classify themselves this way rarely are able to spend more than 20% of their time on their art. The other 80% is administrative in nature or the same mundane things the rest of us do day to day. There are starving artists waiting tables everywhere. I think the posts about setting goals are on-point.


I realise we’re primarily discussing this in an art context here, but in my experience (small sample size, lol) the “dream” may not necessarily be what you can have the greatest impact with.

I am in the fortunate position to have ended up finding education as a way to earn a living, but also allows me to have a direct influence on the lives of others. I can help future generations develop the tools they need to make sense of a world that seems so narcissistic.

I love making music, and to earn a living doing so would be great, but there are plenty more talented individuals than me that struggle to make ends meet.

On a lighter note my dream job would have been quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys!! And Troy Aikman had that stitched up when I was in my prime :joy:



I think I’ll stop talking for a bit because I might come across as cynical or judgemental of others. Most of what I say only makes sense within the context of my personal beliefs. Probably not worth elaborating but concisely stated: we are meant to do more than survive…but also meant for more than just art.

Balance is needed


More time does not necessarily lead to more or better art.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am a musician because I have to make music. I’ve been doing it for over 40 years and will keep doing it until I stop breathing.




I should clarify on that though, I don’t think you need to privileged to have the opportunity to do things in life that you want to do and reach your goals, just that it’s a bit more complicated than just saying: “hey all you have to is do it”

I do get what you mean, and still… I don’t really agree, I know enough people who don’t have 24hrs a day, because some of their day is not theirs to keep, but that still does not keep them from doing what they love to do. I think we overestimate time as a resource. You know when people say: “I don’t have time for this”, what they usually want to say is: “this is not important enough to me”, or “I am too tired to mess with this”, etc.
Motivation, mental and physical strength, focus these are all much more important to me than time. You can do al lot in very little time, and totally accomplish nothing with all the time in the world.



Spot on

@sellanraa hinted at a bit of oversimplification that I’m doing but, really, majority of the complicating factors that eat into our time are results of past choices, no?


Privilege and “past choices” rarely seem to align in my experience.


This is exactly the case. Unfortunately, I think we live in a society that pressures young folks to make some of these decisions very early on. Some can be amended or even undone, others can’t. Even the choice to have kids has a shelf-life. I say this from a position of absolute privilege in the fact that this was a choice I was able to make both economically and biologically. This position has a little to do with my choices but mostly to do with factors that benefited me outside of my control. Many aren’t so lucky.


No. A lot of people are in situations that have nothing to do with their choices and are near impossible to get out of. This is true in all countries, and especially true in impoverished countries.


Exactly this. More characters


I’ll also add that this is true of being successful and wealthy (etc) as well. That is rarely due entirely to your own choices, and most often is a combination of your context, situation, opportunities, and ability to take advantage of those opportunities. That doesn’t come out of nowhere, we don’t begin our lives as a blank slate of equality…


There are a lot of aspects to this, but I essentially believe that if you’re not happy, you need to make changes. Some of us are definitely much more fortunate than others and able to do this.

There is a Japanese concept called ‘ikigai’ that I’m reminded of. It is something I think we should aspire to, if we can.

This image has been floating around on the web and I don’t know the origin, but I think it is interesting. I’m not sure if it is exactly true to the meaning of ikigai, but I think it’s interesting when talking about ‘following your dreams’ vs reality.


I’ve always liked this, but see it less as trying to reach that perfect middle section. It’s more about finding the right balance of these things either as unified pursuits, or as parts of a whole. You might not do one thing that is the perfect overlap, but you can balance a number of activities that point in the right direction.


I’m a bit confused

It would be naïve to overlook the variety of circumstances facing each individual on earth. Still, my reply to @papernoise was framed by his comment, ‘not everybody has 24hr to use…some of their day is not theirs to keep’


Yes, and I agree with him. We don’t all have an equal choice about how to spend out time, so even though it’s technically true that we all have 24 hours/day, it doesn’t equate to someone’s ability to pursue what they want out of life…

Unless I’m really misunderstanding what you’re saying.


lIf you are inclined to elaborate I would love to learn more about this…

I can imagine few situations (health-related constraints, family obligations) but i’d like to understand where you all are coming from