Light pipes on monome modules

I have a missing light pipe on my meadowphysics - are these stocked at mouser or another retailer by any chance?

Did you check inside of your case?
i have had a few come out over the months, but i always found them rolling around in my cases.
I think on first runs of the monome modules there was something off with the sizing or whatever. I noticed that, I think Earthsea had them fixed with a dab of hot glue, so I did that to the ones that got loose. Which took care of the problem.

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It’s nowhere to be found unfortunately. I think it got lost swapping it between cases. Good tip on the hot glue though, thanks

Ah perfect, thank you

Octopart seems very useful!

indispensable. there’s a pretty good BOM tool that we started using as well.

would you mind sharing that too or is it a tool developed in house just for Monome use?

It’s a part of Octopart. In the upper-right toolbar. Easy way to monitor stock levels & best prices on a given part, plus auto-calculates total project costs accounting for quantity discounts (eg. What kind of cost reduction do I get for 200 vs only 50 parts?)

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