Linear PSU for Norns

Hey, I made my order for a Norns on Saturday and in this phase I am making an in depth research for it. I wonder if anyone tried to feed Norns a linear source of power maybe cleaner than the stock. I usually tend to see many of my devices perform a lot better with a Linear toroidal transformer based psu, from pedals to synths even midi keyboards. Would it have any impact to a Norns given that it is a Computer (very dirty source of voltages) and it has a battery in it?

i understand that the power inlet on stock norns charges the battery, which then powers the system, so i don’t imagine a different architecture of identically specced power would change noise levels.

not that i’ve ever noticed power noise on a stock norns :))


Not that I expect noise in my sound outlet but I usually have other inconsistencies like jittery controller values, jittery da conversion, broken sensors erc

I’ve never heard reports of those things so I think it’s safe to assume you’re OK!

  • other than jumpy controls which is batch hardware problem on the encoders, very well documented and not related to power
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one of the most complex systems in norns is the power management. it’s several ICs, cascaded carefully, and a whole bunch of passives. the analog section has its own linear supply.

it’s always an advantage to have clean power back as far as you can (including, your building or battery/etc). but there might be diminishing returns with the standard norns.

main issue might be unruly USB devices— if you’re using many or misbehaving ones, it often helps to isolate their power rather than buspowering via norns’ ports.