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Hi all,

Wondering if we could open a lines post about where people like to find high quality samples. I’m finding that a lot of sample sources are fairly low on the audio quality side and the places where I’d find higher quality samples (i.e. Splice) are not as diverse / eccentric in sound as I’d like as say youtube.

That being said I was wondering where / what communities people like to find samples here.

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Are there specific types of samples you are looking for?

Personally, I like to make my own! But I could be convinced to make them for this community if there are requests…


This last search was for famous breaks – funky drummer, lyn collins, etc. But really anything, my problem with sites like splice is that they’re catered to some genres more like EDM

Hmm, might justify a conversation about sample clearing…


Not loops, but I like

But I have a penchant for retro drums. You may not lol.


imo i like low quality samples. try putting them through higher quality effects and add some hifi lofi grit !


I have difficulty finding not-cheesy vocal samples myself. Giving splice a try this month for various things, concentrating on the lack of clearing worries more than the “am i going to sound like library music”

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@autreland and I were talking about putting something together for the norns community. There seem to be enough field-recording/recording enthusiasts here that we could make a sizeable collection together if enough people are open to the idea. I’ve got about 100 or so files I could contribute, and am always happy to record more, or even stuff on my instrument (double bass).


Very cool, would be down with my own equipment

i’m at perhaps fifty or so—mostly percussive one-shots, both pitched and not.

@dsiah as far as legendary drumming goes, i might have a few john robinson or vinnie colaiuta takes lying around in the archives?


there are some huge fieldrecording archives somewhere… got my notes and links on another comp
if you ask me again so i dont forget about it… i can search someth if youd like


Friendly counterpoint: samples are much more fun to find on your own. Find quality examples with a field recorder! Cable TV or Youtube has wonderful examples, too.


Got lots of high quality string recordings I would be happy to contribute to a lines sample pack


Yeah recently got a used h4n and have been doing this, was asking about studio sample services where I need professional instrumentation.

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This website reviews professional sample libraries:

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PM Me for the breaks :slight_smile:

Absolutely love the idea of a shared sample pack. Could we use Dropbox for it? Create a collaborative folder that people can access and upload folders to? We could separate it into categories and people could upload wherever they see fit.

Ideas for folder categories: field recordings, musical samples, percussion, modular, OP-1, dry etc. etc.


I’ve got a library (field recordings, sampled synths, musical recordings etc.) that I’ve built up over the years, and I’d love to contribute some of it to a llllllll sample pack.


If I’m not concerned about commercial use, I sample from my record collection (meaning, iTunes downloads, CDs, etc.) I may or may not have used a few of those in commercial situations too, when it was something obscure, fragmentary, or heavily processed. Sometimes I get access to audio files from friends’ projects, and sample those with permission. I’ve made a few nice field recordings that I go back to routinely. A friend of mine recorded a whole collection of extended violin technique for an NYU composition class, and I asked the studio tech to dump the whole thing on a thumb drive. Apple loops have amazing sound quality, and while they tend to be corny, you can always process and edit them. Freesound is great if you stick to the WAV files. I’ve bought a few royalty-free compilations of different things that are hard for me to obtain otherwise, like vinyl scratching. If I got heavier into commercial producing, I’d invest in a bunch more of them.

The University of Iowa (home of computer musician Lawrence Fritts) has a really nice collection of free instrument samples recorded in their anechoic chamber:

I like those a lot. (Brass instruments sound super weird in an anechoic chamber imho, those are especially fun.)