Lines community stream // 23rd

Taking place on January 16th and 23th

Stream Coordination Discord

i had a ton of fun and felt extremely productive working on the new years stream. i’d love if these happened more regularly. wanted to check interest in putting together one for this month. maybe 5-6 performers, on a saturday afternoon in the us? if enough people are interested we could start planning more concretely on date/time/theme.


I really enjoyed being part of it, and would happily play again. Something to aim for, with less outlets than normal.

Would also be happy to co-ordinate somehow if needed.

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I also had a great time with Sunset 2020. I’d love to help out with this, and I really like the idea of this being a more regular thing. Depending on how many folks sign up, and what date the stream would be, I might like to perform again and maybe do something a little more upbeat.


If there’s no strict length requirement i’d love to pre-record a short 10-15min set…


very interested. wasnt able to participate in the last one so it would be great to do another one.

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I’d also be happy to play again, but put me at the top of the list of People To Boot In Favor of Newcomers lol


I would love to participate :slight_smile:


+1 for me too - I can wait!

I missed signups for the NYE stream but I would love to plan a set for a future stream!

I would be interested - would give me a goal to work toward!

awesome, definitely enough interest already!

i was thinking 6 performers, with preference to people who haven’t been on yet. 15-20 minute sets, prerecorded or live, around 2 hours. starting at 1pm pst/21:00 UTC so that it doesn’t overlap too much with the norns study group meetings.

stream date preference
  • saturday, jan 16
  • sunday, jan 17
  • saturday, jan 23
  • sunday, jan 24
  • other (make a post)

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feel free to share any theme suggestions & thoughts on the whole set up!


I would also definitely be interested in putting something together for this or a future stream. I have yet to participate in any of the community streams, but would love to have something to work towards!

I would be down to work something up moving forward as well. Love the idea.

It’s great to see it happening more! Such a cool platform and Lines have a really diverse range of artists!

Happy to sit out of this one (since I’ve done quite a few streams including the NYE one) but offer a hand if needed :slight_smile:

I’d love to do a performance, possibly prerecorded. mostly electro-acoustic sort of setup.

Totally interested since I didn’t make it for the NYE one. Ideally for a live thing.
Would be cool if this could be a regular thing.
If this edition is already full, I’ll wait for the next one (I can also help organizing if needed)

I’d be up for playing something live.
Theme ideas: reboot, restart, renew

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Looks like there’s a pretty even split between the 16th and the 23rd, so let’s do both! That way we can accommodate more performers and schedules.

Here’s a sign up sheet


the sign-up sheet appears to be view-only!

oops, should be fixed now.

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