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It is important that you have everything set up and tested before your performance. There are some guides to help you along the way further down.
When your time slot is getting closer I would recommend to start streaming some minutes before your time. Then, when it is you time, the lines_community account will host you from their twitch page. This is done by the host, and you will keep in touch on the Discord channel to coordinate.

We have set up a discord server(thanks @oot) for coordination communication during the stream, please join if you are a performer.
Join here:

Intermission music
If you want to contribute with intermission music that will be played between performances, please DM me what you want played. In addition I have made a collaborative Spotify playlist for people to add music for intermissions, but user submission will be prioritized. Please DM me if you have anything added through the Spotify playlist that is you own work.

During our test stream I ran all the music through mlr for some live remixing. Might do this again unless anyone raises any objections.


How to set up OBS to stream to Twitch:

First of all, you’ll need a account. Sign up, then come back here.
You’ll need to obtain a “stream key” from Twitch, which you can get here. This key changes periodically, so you may need to update it each time you stream with OBS. Once you have it, follow these steps:

  1. In OBS, click the Settings button in the lower right corner.
  2. Select “Broadcast Settings” in the left-hand pane.
  3. Next to “Streaming services,” select Twitch.
  4. Next to “Play Path/Stream Key,” enter the key you acquired from your Twitch dashboard.
  5. The first time you set up OBS, you may be prompted to change some video settings, depending on your setup. These will be displayed at the bottom of the window in red text. If any of these exist, fix them before moving on.
How to set up OBS with the best possible settings for you setup:

The Best OBS Settings For Streaming Professionally In 2021
These are my settings:

How to set up the lines community stream overlay in OBS:
  1. Download and unzip the .zip file here:
    Then import the .json file in the top menu option Scene Collection / Import.

  2. Make the animation media source point to the correct filepath of the file included in the mov.

  1. Add a white solid to the GFX group filter «Change Color here»

You’re done. If you want a different color on your overlay, just select a different color in the «Change Color Here» filter.

Remember to put your camera/visual underneath the GFX group in sources.

Alternative Streamlabs OBS overlay template:

If you need an external camera and have an iOS device, OBS Cam is a great app.

These are the setting I use, but test with your device first and check what works. The camera sync might drift if the settings are too high for your device.

I highly recommend doing a test stream by yourself once you have everything up and running, just to make sure you’re ready for action once we are live.
Do not be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help.

v1.0 Collected

v1.0 Info

We are gathering and sharing over 2 days.
Saturday May 9th, 5.00pm - 8.10pm UTC(we’ll be finished just as the Leaving Records stream begins) and Sunday May 10th, 5.00pm - 11.00pm UTC. Both days might be extended depending on the amount of contributors.


Lines Community Stream v1

Poster by @jlmitch5

A musical gathering
United by a shared commitment to the creation of sonic experience

Saturday May 9th, 5.00pm - 8.10pm UTC
Sunday May 10th, 5.00pm - 01.05am(Monday) UTC
20+ artists playing 20min. sets

Lines is a diverse collection of musicians and artists from around the world that meet on-line to exchange ideas, learn, explore, and support each other. While rooted in experimental electronic music, all forms of music making and art are embraced.

The live stream can be viewed without a Twitch account, but having one will let you chat with us as we share our music.


Lines Username Timeslot (UTC) Artist Name
jlmitch5 5.01pm midcentury modular
pleurodesis 5.23pm pleurodesis
cfd90 5.45pm February Warm Front
Gexex 6.07pm A History of Wallpaper
oot 6.29pm Öronbad
kin.sventa 6.51pm k’in Sventa
noiserock 7.13pm aldrin
wkujater 7.35pm wkujater
sunbeamer 7.57pm sunbeamer
samarobryn 5.01pm samarobryn
whatwetalkabout 5.23pm What We Talk About
gahlord 5.45pm Gahlord Dewald
Junklight 6.07pm Junklight
synthetivv 6.29pm Wet Colors
nonmimeticform 6.51pm nonmimeticform
Hovercraft 7.13pm resonant_space
artfwo 7.35pm artfwo
909one 7.57pm Donny Mahlmeister
mzero 8.19pm
pacificnorthwes 8.41pm Harsh Realm
markeats 9.03pm Mark Eats
karol 9.25pm Karol Firmanty
renegog 9.47pm colmkil
rbxbx 10.09pm lilienfeld
pirxthepilot 10.31pm Modulogeek
emenel 10.53pm New Tendencies
bellyfullofstars 11.15pm Belly Full Of Stars
comoving_observer 11.37pm Tim Cross
swhic 11.59pm Terry Vergos
onewayness 00.21am onewayness
laerm 00.43am Dzöon

Facebook event:
Lines community stream v1.0

Video to share on Instagram/wherever(#linescommunitystream ?):

Original Post:

Hi everyone.

It is a weird time to be alive. A lot of us are probably not sure what the future will bring. Fear of their own, friends or family’s health and/or economic consequences of what we are all facing. There is no doubt that it will take time for things to go back to something close to normal and I think that we unfortunately will have to wait a long time to experience culture and community IRL again.

So let’s do something together. For the sake of community, keeping sane and sharing.

After following and getting very inspired by what @LEAVING_RECORDS is doing every Saturday with their “Listen to music safely in your home next to a fern” streams, I would love it if we get together and do something similar. Maybe we can fill a day of jams, workshops etc. from people worldwide on twitch?

I have started gathering community members interested in contributing in the following form. Do not hesitate to sign up. This is not as scary as it might seem, and I’ll make sure you get the support to get technical stuff up and running, you just have to provide something you would want to share.

lines community stream - Google Sheets

This is a good place to start for the technical side of things:

Learn how to live stream your music with these two easy, quick videos, gear tips - CDM Create Digital Music

First question to those who want to contribute:
Should we do this to gather funds for a cause that we can all get behind. Or are we doing this mostly as a way to just share art and experiences? I am not really sure, and I don’t want to make any executive decisions about how we go about with this. Please chime in on the matter.

Second question:
I don’t want to “brand” this as a lines thing without making sure the community is ok with this. So if someone has any objections against doing this, please let me know.

I have yet to set a date, but this will need some planning and I will most likely need a hand or two in organizing it. But we’ll get to that later.

Until then: sign up, ask questions, make art and stay safe.


Had some time to think. How does May 10th sound? Starting Early evening for us Euros, early mid day for US peeps and maybe ending early morning for Oceanics?

Who needs technical assistance?

Who wants to join in for a test/dry run on the 26th of April?


I’m down for the test run.


The dates work for me–available for test runs any time.

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How are you planning on stream this? I just ran a 3.5 live streaming concert where everyone streamed from home to a server, and then the server composited and streamed to a YouTube live stream. This allowed the audience to just stay connected to one live stream, and hear different musicians paired with different video artists. I can help you set up such a thing if you want.

As for me, as a contributor - sure, 26th is good for me for a test run.

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The discussion in the other thread was about the hosting feature Twitch uses. Basically every artist runs their own stream and then a host streamer redirects their channel to these different streams.

All of the streams need to be on Twitch for this to work.

It’s not 100% reliable but it should be very easy to set up.


I’m good for a test run on the 26th.

The idea is, as @oot mentioned, that we have one host on twitch, and that everyone sets up their own twitch account that is being redirected through the “main” channel. Mainly because I think this is the easiest to set up.

I’ll make a guide as soon as I have the time, and will probably learn some stuff after the test that will be taken into account.

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in for a test on the 26th - I’m already on twitch so should be ok

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6 people should be sufficient to do a test. Do you all want to do 15-20 min sets for the test?

I am working on some visuals as well, if people want an overlay with some motion graphics, but something simple so that people can add whatever they want to make it look like their own.


I’ve just been broadcasting video of me playing - happy to have it “improved” :wink:

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15-20 minutes sounds good. Unclear on the graphics plan, though. My understanding is the twitch host re-streams the full feed—is there an option for the host to add an overlay or even replace the full video component? Or are you proposing to send us some visual elements that can be added in OBS? I think it makes sense to have all of us add a “bug”—some kind of relatively unobtrusive branding for the event as an overlay on our video streams.


I will send you a file to add. Uploading a quick test now.

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Proof of concept for an overlay. I know it might be a bit too much, but somewhere along these “lines”(pun intended).


a good alternative is what @mzero proposed above - streaming with OBS or something else to a server which will mix performers’ streams with static or live visuals and send the mixed video to twitch or youtube.

@mzero what’s your setup for this by the way? i did a hosted online performance some time ago and we had exactly same problem, but could not find a (free) software solution for mixing/composing multiple inputs in one stream.


That’s cool, but it might be better to constrain the stream branding to the lower left—or just a strip at the bottom of the screen. I can see that getting annoying over the course of a long show. If the overlay is only white, you won’t be able to see it on light areas of the feeds—maybe a combination of light and dark elements?


Agreed on this, as long as it’s not more difficult to set up for the performer. And also it is a matter of server costs. The other great thing about twitch is that it lets you save your performance for later without any additional CPU constraints.

@Hovercraft agreed.

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I think a couple different versions, some more minimal than others would be nice. I’ve already maxed my screen out with scrolling wingdings everywhere so there’s no way I’d be able to fit something like that.

Another thing I thought about re: Twitch hosting is that it would be nice to have some positive information to the audience if the hosting/unhosting goes wrong. I’ve noticed it’s not 100% reliable for all people and in other streams I’ve seen they mostly find out that you need to refresh the page through asking in chat. Considering probably not everyone doesn’t participate in chat, it would be nice if the host or MC would say “refresh the page if you’re still seeing this” or something similar, perhaps a graphic.


Would also be nice if each performer had an identifier when they’re playing. Folks will be tuning in and out, and it’s handy to see who’s playing. It always bugs me when I play in (or watch) live shows, with multiple artists, but there’s no introductions, so you have to guess which artist is on.


Yup! was thinking about merging that into the GFX.

Also, about your concern @oot, I was thinking about doing some «screens» that shows in the main stream while people are performing(with info like that), and in the breaks between performances(schedule/next up). I do not feel comfortable being the “face”/“mc” of the stream, if that makes sense.