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made some highlights of mine and @pleurodesis sets. I just watched through mine and was touched by all the comments and had a few laughs over all of the pinecone related puns :smile:

Really happy with how @pleurodesis set came together, had to improvise some visuals without listening to it beforehand, and I really think the forest matches the prerecorded set I got just minutes before we started the stream. great how stuff like this just works.



Will do a long video of all the performances (probably split by day) sometime next week.


Woohoo! Thank you!
I seem to have spent most of my weekend on twitch, one way or another - And still got the second lines community stream to look forward to!
Massive thanks to everyone who’s made this happen :green_heart:


Thank you to everyone involved in this, I had a terrific time. Can’t wait for tonight!


Here is @oot set with uninterrupted audio synced up. Enjoy!


We are live again for day 2!
First performer in about 15 minutes.

Can’t wait to see you all!


here’s a highlight of my set today. btw the poetry is by wc williams (spoken by me) and featured on me recent ep :3

wonderful couple of days everybody, so happy i could be a part of it : )


This was so much fun. Thank you for putting this on and thank you for all the amazing inspiration.


Got a couple of hours of sleep, but before I go into full hibernation mode I just want to say:
Thank you all for participating, performing and engaging. This was a wild and inspiring ride!


Massive thank you to @noiserock for all the hard work.

Was a bit less wrought with nerves this time!

Here is my set


Thanks @noiserock for everything and thanks everyone for your wonderful sets! What a mammoth two days!

Here’s my set :smiley:


I had to go to bed just before the last couple of performers yesterday (although I did catch up this morning) but I really enjoyed all of this, especially seeing how diverse people’s approaches are to their music and visual aesthetic.


A big thank you to everyone who put time and effort into this. I absolutely loved the performances and music, and the organisation and running of it were outstanding.

Thank you so much!


Can’t express enough appreciation for @noiserock for pulling this together!

Carved out my highlight from Saturday.


Huge thank you to @noiserock for making this happen, and to all the people who performed. It was so nice to spend time with you all.

Update: uploaded my set.


Here’s my set at well. Thanks for all the great music and support everyone, sorry I had some tech issues at the beginning!


This was such a great way to spend the weekend. Here’s my set minus the pre-roll:

I saw a couple questions go by in the chat at the time, but then had to reload to see the next set, so I lost them. But to answer the two that I know I saw: the Norns script I was using is an Ornament + Crime-inspired shift register-ish sequencer I’m writing, very much a work in progress but the code is here (if anyone is interested in trying it out themselves, get in touch – I’d welcome testing & feedback!); and the keening string section-like sounds are that sequencer controlling (via Crow) two MFB OSC-02 pulse waves -> Optomix -> Clouds Parasite looping delay mode. @oot, who I know asked about this: the string-ness probably has little to do with timbre, and mostly comes from using Crow’s sine slew shape and Clouds/uBurst’ nice slow delay time smoothing – delay time is always changing as it’s being clocked by an intentionally drifty clock generated by Teletype, so Clouds is doubling the two OSC-02 voices, sometimes at a very different pitch.

Thanks so much to everyone who played & hung out in the chat & special thanks @noiserock for proposing this in the first place and making it happen. There were so many really inspiring sets.


This makes a lot sense to me in retrospect. I’ve capture similar feeling sounds granulizing dobro. The realism (intentional or not) is always surprising when you come across it though!


thanks everyone for the music, vibes, support and technical help. it was a great weekend! and thanks @noiserock for all the work organizing this gathering!

sharing my set as well with audio resynced to the video:


Just trimmed and highlighted my set!

Improvisation with Nord into Norns, visuals from Hydra.

Thanks a million to @noiserock for organizing :clap: Had such a great weekend listening and hanging out with everyone in the chat!


Thanks to all who played and listened, and particularly to @noiserock for all the heavy lifting. Here’s my trimmed set: